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New Dell Laptops For 2011 – Latest XPS Range A Start

There is a new range of Dell XPS laptops that have just been released, and these will see us nicely into 2011. It is hard to know what market will be the most popular next year, but Dell is betting that this high-end media-featured notebook will be able to take the fight to rivals HP and Apple.

The new Dell XPS range has a higher class of finish than that of the Studio and Adamo range, along with a few hardware tweaks here and there. Prices start from $899 for the 14-inch, $849 for the 15-inch and $949 for the 17-inch.

Crave has been looking at the hardware to see what you will get for your money, and you will be impressed. The basic configuration gives you an Intel Core i5 460M CPU, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard Drive – needs to be SSD -, and an Nvidia GeForce 420M Graphics card.

As with all Dell computers, there are a number of upgrade options. First decide what your needs are before you start to add a few dollars onto the standard price. Do you think that the new range of Dell XPS laptops will sell well in the first part of 2011 – especially with the wave of new tablets that is about to hit the market?



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