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iPhone 5: New Feature Revealed Pre-Release?

We have some interesting details to bring you now, as although the iPhone 5 has yet to be confirmed by Apple, we are hearing reports that the device will have support for one big feature which should please existing owners.

According to this report from BGR, Apple will be taking full advantage of Near Field Technology (NFC) within the iPhone 5 and one of it’s biggest features will be the ability to store a user’s full Mac data from home, and access it on any Mac in the world.

Apparently, all users need to do is ‘wave’ the device at a NFC-supported Mac computer when not at home, and the Mac will bring up all your personal data, emulating the experience as if it was your normal computer – sounds pretty neat doesn’t it?

BGR point out that such a feature would eliminate the need for current VNC applications and no doubt it would be very useful for the business-orientated Mac user.

What are your thoughts on this? – Would you like to see this feature implemented on the iPhone 5? More details through the link.


  • Gary

    will it work outside the US?

  • Carlor

    Boring i thought it was going to be '…the new iphone 5 will now have flash implemented…'

    • spres

      Jobs don't like Adobe..Sorry man. Not anytime soon.


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