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Google’s Chrome OS Smartbook: Nexus One Strategy

Summer is now over and we are now into fall, this means that we need to be extra careful on the roads, and the fact that we should see Google’s Chrome OS Smartbook out very soon. We can tell you that a range of models from different vendors will launch later this month – just in time for the holiday season.

We already know that Acer and HP will offer their own variants of a Chrome OS smartbook, but it is Google who will get things rolling. According to DigiTimes, Google will follow their Nexus One strategy and release a “self-branded Chrome OS notebook.”

Inventec will be the manufacturer, but surprisingly will not be sold via normal vendors. Google do not expect much from their self-branded model, as only 60,000 to 70,000 will be shipped. However, this will be the most important model, as it will allow developers to offer future updates much easier by testing features on the Nexus One of smartbooks.

For those of you who would rather an Acer or HP version, then you will have to wait until December. ASUS will not commit to anything until they have seen how successful this new platform is. Do you think that Google Chrome OS will become as popular as Android?



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