Google TV For PS3 Evidence: Possible Release Date

By Peter Chubb - Nov 2, 2010

Earlier last month we hoped that Sony would announce that Google TV was coming to the PS3, unsurprisingly this did not happen. However, the Japanese consumer electronics maker did launch a range of TVs and a Blu-ray player with the new service built in.

Will still hope that the PlayStation 3 will get Google TV, and there are rumors that this could be released sometime in the spring of 2011. We do not have any confirmation of this, but Dalibor Dimovski from Sidequesting seems to think that it is a possibility.

Sony seems to be surrounded in rumors at the moment, as well as the hope of the PS3 getting Google TV, there has been so-called confirmation that the PlayStation Phone is also going to be released – although we do not have a release date, official specs or price.

Sony seems to be tying themselves up deeper with Google Android, so there has to be some merit to these constant PS3 rumors? We recently run a poll asking our readers if they would like to see Google TV on the PS3, 98 percent voted yes. Vote here.

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  • VinTheDean

    The main thing that GoogleTV can offer the PS3 is a better browser.

    Google TV is an OS Level type of service. I doubt that Sony will Replace the XMB for this. I guess that it may allow to better in game menu's if they do use.

    • Not entirely true. The Sony TV's use a version of the XMB and they load Google TV as an app just fine.

  • mushi mush

    i dont need a secondary streaming… if they can handle HD image and 5.1 sound then Google TV is more than welcome! Otherwise they can stick it where sun never shines.

    • mannefaces

      I stream TV and movies with Roku in HD. goto

      • A Roku can't play Uncharted 3 for me, so no thanks. I will keep my all-encompassing PS3 instead of filling up my entertainment center with 57 different proprietary boxes and devices.