Ferrari World Park Opening: Abu Dhabi’s World Firsts

Abu Dhabi will be remembered for two things in November, the title decider for the 2010 F1 drivers’ championship, and the grand opening of Ferrari World. This is the largest theme park of its kind, and has a few world firsts that will keep fans amused.

You do not have to be a motorsports fan to appreciate the park; thrill seekers will love it too. So why has Ferrari World been casing such a stir? Well having the fastest rollercoaster and the largest Prancing Horse Emblem has something to do with it – just imagine how popular such a park would be in Italy – the Tifosi would love it?

The park will officially open its doors on November 4, 2010 and covers an area of 2,200,000 square foot. Do not worry about getting hot in Abu Dhabi, as this is an indoor park; they do not do anything by half’s there.

There are 20 rides in all, one being that rollercoaster that hits 150mph and a 4D fantasy ride Speed of Magic. According to Cars For Stars, the park can accommodate 10,000 visitors – wonder how many of those will stay on until the 14th to watch the final F1 race of the season?



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