Fable 3 Problems: Submit to Lionhead for Xbox 360 Patch Update

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who are still suffering from problems with your copy of Fable III on the Xbox 360, as it has been announced that users can now submit their problems to the game’s official website in preparation for a future patch update.

As reported from VG247, the page has been set up specifically for players to let rip on any bugs, glitches or general game problems that they have experienced whilst playing.

It is likely that Lionhead will study the list of problems, especially those of the same nature that mount up, and add it to their list of problems that need to be addressed in a future patch update on the Xbox 360. We wrote our own problems thread after the game was released, and so far we have had over 100 comments with users explaining their problems with the game.

Sadly there is no release ETA for the patch update, but at least you can rest assured that Lionhead are working hard to get it out asap.

Do you still have any problems for the game? If so, you can submit it online to the developers here.

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  • bobby burnette

    sorry meant off

  • bobby burnette

    can someone please help me ………..
    how do i get items of my fable 3 person i have tryed everything

  • porqueman

    it only lets me get up to 800 points in the mortar game and i can easily get it on any other xbox 360 just not mine wth do i do for that crap?

  • hurst19

    Whats going on with the new dashboard and the same not loading? we get to the first twirling chicken loading spot and thtats it. we even bought a new copy to see if that would work and we get stuck in the same spot…?

  • ok please please please patch the GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, QUEST PLEASE I REALY DONT WANT TO START ALL OVER!!! im stuck with the statues popping up zombies or watever they are please please help me .

  • My fable 3 (xbox) was working (though from cd), until I added some add-ons (free), and then now it wont even load and is constantly (chicken twirl) -update for hours.

    Im hoping to find out whats wrong before I decide to take this cd in for trade for something else.
    And this one of the games that came with the box when bought.

    Already tried re-installing.

  • Eastsider698

    ok im stuck on the darkness incarnate were walter just got blind and i cant lead him out i pushed him all the way to the cave entrance but it keeps sayin i cant leave without walter it wont let me hold his hand to lead hm out im at were i defeated the sentinel hoping i can find at least one clue but nothing i really enjoy playin fable but its irritating i cant get walter out can any1 help please?

  • Anonymous

    “Gone But Not Forgotten” crash/game lock… that’s it RAGE QUIT! 😛

  • Anonymous

    “Gone But Not Forgotten” crash/game lock… that’s it RAGE QUIT! 😛

  • Anonymous

    “Gone But Not Forgotten” crash/game lock… that’s it RAGE QUIT! 😛

  • When I do my chicken race, (1st time) I place my bet on Two-Wing Timmy.  I bet 1000g on him.  When I hit X to start it, it starts but i just look at the empty cage where the chicken used to be before the race.  I sat there for 5 minutes and nothing happened.  This problem did it to me 5 times now, and i got the game 3 days ago.

  • Since I started playing co-op mode, all of my mini-games are unplayable. IE: The blacksmith, pie maker, and lute hero. I can’t play any of them. Yes I have the chest unlocked and so does the player that I was co-oping with.

  • MikeBaker236

    Wedding ceremony proceeded… with invisibe wife. Then it just froze. Every time.

  • Mike

    My first Time around playing I got to the end and able I was saving I dashboarded which then the data I played with was totally corrupted and I couldn’t use it again which ok…. Was totally my fault and I’m ok with that but than i started again and got to the quest gone but not forgotten and I’m locked in a room trying to find max where he is clearly right there sitting on the piano or whatever the hell that is and I can’t fast travel out of here and so I just run around and kill hollowmen ALL day bc I’m not strting a new game over again. I even watched YouTube videos on it and rite u kill he four ghosts ur supposed to be ok and a cut scene goes but there’s NO cutscene

  • RPGer

    I cant restart a new game! I finished, and now when I restart, it mixes and matches with my old one. Downgraded and not a true RPG as you can not really guide how you grow very well. A choice of cruelty leading to victory or kindness leaving to utter destruction is far to black and white. No grey here. I am disappointed to say the least.

  • I dont think they could do the changes that people will want in a single patch because there are so many things that people hate about fable 3 that they would just be better making a fable 4 and going back to using the mechanics of fable 1 and 2 because fable 3 really has taken away all the fun choices you had in the prior fables

  • Sigh

    I loved the story, but it was short. Really, really short. I finished it in about 1 and a half days. The fact you get taller while using guns is alittle annoying. Since im litterally taller than EVERYONE else on my female character. The fact when your good you turn Ghostly white. ALSO annoying. I want to look like a normal person, wings and runes during Flourishes are still fine. I like it. But I hate being overly pale. And these random spurts of lag I get are also annoying. Other than that its a great game. Well, I would like some more clothes..

  • BanterVek

    Ok lets break down the pros and cons.
    Controllable Economy- Versatility in economic gaming functions
    Changing Environment- Albeon is continously changing
    Moral Declaration- You can still kill innocent people..or save them.
    Unlimited Quests- Relationship quests are forever more, but can be repetetive.
    Thoughtful Side Questing- The side quests are very well thought out, and provide interesting predicaments occuring outside the main story line.
    NPC Diction- Plausible, decent, and hilarious in some cases (Garden Gnomes)
    Fast Travel- FINALLY THANK YOU!
    Lack of weapon and clothing versatility primarily in customization. Over 51 legendary weapons, 51 of which are non-customizable. I would rather have a decent mace with 4 augmentation slots than a great mace with 0.
    Buggy and Glitchy- This can be expected on occasion. But I've has some serious problems here especially with my golden trail.
    Spells went down hill- What happened to having that array of whatever you want on hand?
    My DOG pisses me off when he doesnt COME>>>
    Emoticons?? Why Lionhead? Why?

  • CeCe

    I agree with most of the above comments, but what i dislike about the game is that i cant have many different saves that i can return and load from. You have to pretty much start the game over with a new character and save in order to even have more than one save. I cant say that I completely hate this game because it still offers a lot of the great game play that i enjoy just because no other games have them.But they have also downgraded everything. I hope they can find away to improve this before they decide to make another Fable because o will order me a game former first just so i can be sure of what i spend my hard earned cash on.

  • John Wilson

    Things I wish they would fix with fable III:
    1. I absolutely hate how all of a sudden the game goes straight to the war once you’re done with the judging and decision making as king. They really need to give an option to start the final battle. I was playing a good character, only good decisions, debt was nearly paid off. While waiting for income, I decided to do some decisions making. After completing this, it went straight to the battle. I had no idea those were the last choices, I though the game would wait for me to say I’m ready, not just throw me in. After molding my character so perfectly, it was ruined do to this, since it saves right after the last decisions are made.
    2. Weapon morphing is horrible. I’m sick of restarting my Xbox a million times in order to get my sword to look the way I want. Why not make it simple, something like ‘kill 500 Hollow men and get rewarded bone hilt’ or whatever. Once you kill the 500, you are able to through the bone hilt on your sword. If you don’t want it, don’t put it on, unlock another hilt by doing something else. Just an idea. Peter said before Fable III’s release that a weapon would change over time depending on the way you used it. Using it a certain way would shorten, lengthen, widen, or even bend your sword. NO, based on random **** you do, you get a chance of getting one of 4 hilts, 1 of 6 blades, all choices are fixed.
    3. What is happening to fable? I miss the dark fairytale style of Fable uno when you were able to wear armor among other things. Industrialization is cool and all but I miss the old fantasy of the first one.
    4. Quit lying and over hyping this game. I hear interviews saying all kinds of **** like and it never happens or it is extremely watered down from what Peter said they would do. The whole touch thing was nothing like he said. All it is, you grab someone by the hand and prance along with them, nothing else. What the hell? I’m a beasty ass man holding another male adults hand walking him to where I need to go. NO, have him follow me, thats what happens in real life (This doesn’t apply to the blind scene). Tell us how the game is, not how you want it to be.
    5. The whole 3D concept over lists was a horrible Idea. I don’t want to have to walk to a different room just to change clothes then go through row after row till I find what I want. This entire concept took up too much time and space that they could of used on other aspects of the game such as variety of weapons, armor, clothes, ect.
    6. Just something I think would be cool. Just because you increase your strength you shouldn’t get buffer, you increase your range, you shouldn’t get taller. I think you should have complete customization of your character. I should be able to be a top notch sniper but be short as a midget (if I wanted too). I should be able to choose my character’s voice (hero didn’t have many lines, wouldn’t be hard to cast multiple people). I should be able to have whatever hairstyle I want at the beginning of the game. I can’t get a Mohawk till I’m a king? Horrible. I should be able to change the color of my house, inside and out. I should be able to customize my wife/husband. So much they could have added but didn’t.

    7. Most women are ugly…

    • tracer

      number 7 is true and i would like there to be a choice to see you having sex and them naked, of course just to make it more realistic, and i agree on the whole customisation thing, great comment man.

  • guest

    Im stuck, in the quest "Gone but not forgotten"
    Where: In the last part of the quest where you are locked in a room with Max and the book, with a spirit wall blocking you from the book.
    Objective: Find Max
    Problem: im locked in the room with two spotlights that wont go away so the skeletons just keep coming, and have to find Max but Max has mysteriously dissapeared and now there is a spirit wall surrounding the book that wont go away meaning i cant complete the quest or game for that manner because I cant fast travel out of this room until this quest is done, but i cant complete it so therefor i cant do anything until Lionhead fixes this glitch.

  • Todd

    I wa doing the gift glitch thing with another profile to transfer my Avis lamentation when I accidently rejected it and t dissapered. I really want it back considering it’s the second best sword in the game. Please help.

  • Dissapointed

    I hope Fable IV goes back to the time of the original. The guns are stupid. There need to be more customization options. The more the better. Individually repairing the houses (even from the minimap) was a pain in the ass. The fact that you only truly look good or evil during an expression is retarded. There should be more exploration, hidden items/ quests, and mystery to the game. Thats one of the things that made the original so great. The way the game skipped from 365 day to 250 days to 122 days to the final day was total BULLSHIT.

  • Moses

    The only bug I've had is I'm stuck on the "Stop the robbery at the Bowerstone Market Pub". I go in there and there's only 1 guy and after I kill him I'm stuck, no other guys to kill and the game won't let me leave the pub or choose another mission or fast travel anywhere else! The worst thing is that my GF played it and had no trouble!! Now I have to start all over again grrrrr!!!

  • Rey

    I play Many games of all sorts and my opinion is that Fable 3 is good. I do have to say, I have ran into some bugs and I have listed them below.
    1) After playing with another player online your guild seal meter may not work and you won't be able to gather anymore. I had to restart my game twice due to this issue.
    2) The glowing trail can mislead you and or will not show up at all when you use it.
    3) My weapon has morphed on me even though I had already morphed it once before.
    4) You can get stuck doing the quest- THE GAME
    Other than the bugs That I have pointed out, I think it's a fun game. It would be nice if they did make more weapons and more clothing selections and perhaps make it where we could customize our exrpressions towards other genders. for example I would change dancing with a male and replace it with hand shake or some non homo thing.

  • Nox

    Even better, they've already announced DLC. They release an unfinished pile of buggy unplayable crap and their focus is on DLC rather than a playable game.

    This strategy needs to fail, so that we end up with playable games and not dlc-milking buggy bull.

  • Neal

    I realy enjoyed the game but I hate that it’s completeley bugged. Iv finished he game and it had a good storyline, but I’m so pissed off that I can’t even get married or adopt kids because when I go to select a house to live in, it glitches out because A button is broke and then I can’t backup because that’s broken too. It’s a really good game but lionhead really needs to stop fucking around and do a decent job instead of screwing up the game by filling it with endless glitches

  • stix

    I’m having problems with earning money myself. I’ll buy shops and what not to earn money and over a very short amount of time the money I make from them starts dropping off. I don’t get it. Yea, once I’m king and everybody dies there’s a good reason but still…..why?

  • killer

    u need to fix all the glitzes cuz im stuck in mid air under the aurora city gate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wessa

    get freezes game runs slow at times just plain annoying

  • Aaron

    i had everything fully upgraded and i went online and it froze so i switched my xbox off and back on then when i went back onto fable everything was gone no guns no powers no clothes nothing, i still had my money but all the buildings i bought said they couldnt be bought and i didnt own them, and my guild seals were reset and wont let me upgrade. whats wrong with it??????

  • kate

    Great now im stuck I cant save the princess here's what happened to me. I was playing co-op with a friend I couldnt jump down from the ledge where the princess and the Barron was. I asked him to back out of my game and he did after that I was able to jump down onto the ground in front of the princess and Barron. The attack music was still going like I had enemies all around me but guess what there arnt any. I'm so pissed the barren is just laying on his back and the three idiots controlling the game are just sitting there quietly staring at me like a bunch of morons. I'm so glad I spent so many hours getting my character just the way I wanted just to be able to be stuck in a mini game not able to get out. No I cant click another quest to get out of it. It doesn't even show the quest in my list of quests.Needless to say if it doesn't get fixed im selling this game and never looking back at another fable game!!

  • patrick

    I love this game but have had to start over 3 times i was 37 hours into my first game and was playing coop and went to open a door in aurora and fell,through the ground into some kind of freefall then my game saved right when that happened. Restarted game and made it 12 hrs into this one when the wizard storytelling mission glitched and wouldnt let me proceed and finish the quest . I love the game but cannot make it to the end so i paid 65 dollars to just get pissed. They put out a patch but all it did was fix the money cheat. What about the actuall gameplay focus on that first lionhead…….

  • mmogsrock

    Jeez guys, calm down about the game. I too am frusterated about the bugs and glitches, but if we just be patient they will release updates that will fix them.

    • Nicovanjaarsveld

       today is the 17/06/2012, and a lot of these complaints and bugs are still happening. If I can waste 35 hours of game play, can Lionhead please waste some of their hours, and “FUKIN FIX SOMETHING!!”

  • kpikid

    Yeah problems galore – but I just had slow downs. Maybe the newer machines cope better. I agree that Peter should have done more play testing and let us wait an extra month for this to come out. He was so optimistic about the experience, but I think he had huge issues with the game and had pressures from the stakeholders. Nobody in their right mind would release a game that has so many bugs, that has a huge following.

    Peter has a great mind, and he cannot be blamed totally, but he is the person in charge of the project and he has the final say, so the blame must be placed at his feet. I like Fable 3, I hate the expressions, the stupid disjointed way you upgrade, and the corny ending. other than that its a good attempt.

    Peter needs to beta the next game out to a core of game testers that are not in the position to be under any pressure from stakeholders. If I am testing code out, I am honest if I find the results are crap. That is what a project is all about – change. Finding what is wrong and fixing it. Peter needs to grasp what change management is all about and less of being pressured from stakeholders, distributors and Microsoft.

    Remember it is Peter who will have to listen to us when he brings his Kinect product out. No way am I shelling 40 pounds of my money on a broken product.

    • spartan445

      its Stockholders btw……just sayin

  • IamUndeadNub

    U guys are mad I beat the game and I think my file got corrupted I loved this game havn't seen really any bugs eather so u know im more pissed then u guys

  • Dean w

    I think that the original fable game is the best game of all time and lion… Have f* it up they have gradually made it worse mostly by limiting the clothes I loved having plate armour now there is only 1 set of metalic armour the rest is crappy stuff like a pirate suit or princes outfit I hate that and also they have f* the shops up by only allowing you to pick stuff off a table and also your body features or sh*t I loved the fact that you could be the same size as a small car or you could have wack off horns sticking out of you fore head and at the most u can do is grow an inch or change your tattoo colour its bull and none of the fables have been bug free and they have all lagged a little but this 1 has been the worse by far and to top it off I had played 49 hours and have now been stuck under the game this game is bullsh*

  • stew


  • Sam

    I'm on the chiken chaser mission and every time I go to put on the chicken costume, I get stuck. I cannot return back to the game. I have tried several times and nothing works. I am able to get to the costume area and put on the costume, but I cannot return. I have hit every single button and still nothing works. FIX THE GLITCHES MAN.

  • Trigger14

    That patch pulled out is BS, my strong character is still underground in a falling glitch is bull it’s happening to everybody, I might not buy another lionhead, I agree with the comment, lionhead F d up on this on. All my family was goin to buy but after I tell them, they definitely won’t. Limited collectors edition waste of money.

  • Luckyme

    The game was a big disappointment!

    That’s all I am going to say.

  • jayden

    when i try play fable it says this game requires an update but uppdate could not be found ?????

  • lori

    we did the chicken chaser quest and can't buy the house of cluck. also, there is only one prostitute at the mercenary camp and no more anywhere else. The prostitute is a dude and no women to be found. also, the gift wood for driftwood quest isn't showing. Glitch, or did we do something wrong? any ideas?

  • the game needs more clothing more magic more people to fight. like its mad boring. i need more locations with a ton of items to shop for. i have 63 million in gold from my houses and cant spend the money at all. wtf i need more for $80 bucks i spent on this. also this problem about me not earnin g guild seals and i havent opened all my chest on road to rule.

  • wtf fixxxxxxxx my game i cant earn guild Seals for fighting or for interacting with villagers. Are you kiddding me i brought the collectors edition for this fixxxxxxxxxxxx my game.

  • My friend asked me to join his game (he is about half way, I just started). Now I said yeah sure and joined, after a while of fighting I noticed I just earned 258 guild seals before I left to go play on my character, yeah I was really happy… until the point where I noticed I couldn't earn anymore until I finished a quest… that's when everything went downhill glitches here, there, everywhere. Got stuck and couldn't move and sanctuary got glitched. So, does anyone know how to at least fix the guild seal bug,

  • justin

    my fable 3 game has frozen in mourning wood fort with janny (after beating the game), if i try to leave the area it freezes and i have to turn off my xbox and turn it back on and im back in the fort. i havent experienced many other bugs or glitches but ive seen enough to know they are there. patch please since i dont want to create another character just to get to where i am and finish the mission i am on.

    i hate that this game sucks as much as it does and believe me when i say this, my favourite game for a microsoft product is fable, fable tlc to be exact.

    this game is NOT about choices, despite what people would have us believe.

    you cant choose to reject promise (yes later you can choose to break it) and ok yes the twist that evil deeds were required in order to raise the funds was a good point but the fact that the choice was so limited; literally less than 10 decisions. it clearly tells you how much money was needed which is easily raised selling legendary weapons to xbox live players.

    the shop system sucks. the game is far too easy – i used one health potion while in reavers house and thats it. the final boss dies in a few hits, in fact i just stood there spammed a bit of magic and it was over, literally if you can beat THE boss without moving and without healing then that is a really ******* stupid boss

  • P4RMES4N

    I personally like the game. agreed that fable 2 was a much better game as far as more things to do…

    Only Problems i've came across is the uber lag sometime but a lot of games have that no biggie…
    the one that does piss me off is the fact that i actually took the time to collect all the keys and flowers but it says im missing one of each.
    now i know for a fact that the keys are glitched i spent hours going through mistpeak valley because i am somehow missing one there even tthough the 7 keys ( 6 silver 1 gold) dont appear any longer… and another person i played with had the exact same problem…
    i dont know about the flowers but i figured why waste my time just to find out that it a nother glitch.

    • Shadowscar

      If it says you're missing one in Mistpeak Valley, try going to the railcar mine thing in Millfields. It's technically considered part of Mistpeak Valley, cuz it's another part of the same cave or whatever. Took me a while to figure that out, too.

  • Another big release game filled with bugs and content cut out and simplifed to appeal to the casual gamer.. We have to stop buying these glitch ridden, watered down games to send the developers a message! we want game that DONT crash and mess up all the time AND we want games to stop holding our hands and guiding us through like a video game nanny!


    my game goes in slow motion an my jasper dont talk wtf lol


    nottoannoyiny ive played rpgs since i was 5 years old an im 27 there are glitches alot in this game an for you to say nw weapons dont matter means u aint a RPG PLAYER AT ALL FAGGOT RPGS ARE ALL ABOUT GRINDING LEVELING UP AN WEAPONS U FAG ITS CAUSE POEPLE LIKE YOU THAT US REAL RPG PLAYERS GET SHAFTED WITH CRAP

  • mikel

    why would they ruin such a good franchise fable was perfect the way it was i mean come on you cant even choose what food to eat wow ur decisions seem to have nothin to do with the game its the same bad or good an wtf y cant i play with my friends just cause i bought the l edition an they didnt how gay but listen dontbe mad at lionhead be mad at the game writers for talking crap about a game unless it changes everything thank crackdown 2 for staying the same

  • notananoyyingbitch

    ……LOL this is ridicolous….you kids are whining since u cant dance with groups of people and horde seals and fucking own the whole game huhhh!? and really? i think the seal system and weapon system is amazing since ive played 7 years of rpgs and the main problem is the fucking need to get a new weapon from about every other level ….now that its easier to have a good weapon for good instead of going from having a ridicolous weapon to a peice of shett? LOL and than u guys say glitching i personally only have played aprox like 4-6 hours of it but in that game time…not a single bug or glitch occured,…..IMO its like a polished up version with more additions,…..
    p.s= you guys are making me die laughing for the fact bungie did the same thing with reach practically and when you hear reach you are like wholly shit amazingness …yet they do that with an rpg and i hear u annoying ass 13 year olds whine…like stfu get used to life changing you fags…just cause you guys are experiencing puberty doesnt mean rage against video game producers…and p.s im sure lionhead doesnt give 2 shits about you guys Q.Qing for the fact that you bought the game and ish

    • Wow. Seven whole years… Go you.

    • Demonrocks

      haha a good game my a** theres aproximately around 10 fight longer than 15 sec in the whole games . no Epic boss battle no arena that you can replay , no minigames umm sorry chicken race wowww, barely 6 Set of clothes, 8 ****ing ugly hair, no Headshot, 1 charge attack and a regular attack that it , took me 16 hours to clear the game yet paid 79$ that ridiculous and i got fed up around the 6th hour or so, I bought it without trying it because Fable 2 was great,gueesing that you improve a game usualy. it bought it on the spot …..but damn i feel like lionhead just put a huge a** Dildo up my ass!

    • Madd

      Youre copy of the Fable 3 might be playing well but mine is utter crap. I bought the SCE Fable 3, I cant join other peoples games and when I do eventually get a game my character walks off by himself. I think you are right about one thing you said and that is Lion Head studio's doesnt give a shiit about the fans at all. They released a broken game. All of my xbox live friends who have played F3 all have similar problems. The real shit thing is that if you complain to lion head on there site they ban you. Which means only one thing. They know they fffucked up and are to faggity to do anything abvout it.

    • eu sunt dracul

      your a retard and so is bungie and 7 years get a life and get a fkn job too you worthless knob jockie

  • Rachael

    honestly, number one was the best, but number 2 was just their, the storyline was completely a waste. however number three is fun, i havent had any problems with mine, the whole wings thing not staying out kinda sucks but apparently you can glitch your game to keep them…..i dont exactly want to risk my xbox on that though….haha! hopefully lionhead will be making a fourth one…btw, im ok with talking to one person cuz i hate the bastards that follow me everywhere ….stupid stalkers

  • racermick

    5) lion head should also look at people's comments not just the brown nosing 10 year olds that play the game,
    6) this game had so much good promise. A good story line and a good backing of people who loved fable 1 and 2. And a good history.
    7) lionhead needs to get their head from up there arse and realise they released a game that still had s good 6 months of work left scrap fable 3 as a massive mistake and take the time to release a good fable 4.

    Few rant over!!! Let me know what you think
    p.s sorry for the spelling XD

    • sam

      scrap it WTF im stuck floating and i hope they get me the fuck out soon since its been 6 days. DONT SCRAP IT FIX IT

      ignore this idiot who wants you to get fable 4 5 6 7 and 8 on the way so long as you dont rush

    • Brenman

      I disagree with Sam. In order to fix all the problems people have been complaining about would basically need lionhead to remake the entire game. Fable 3 is such a let down when you compare it to the other two games, that’s not to say it has no merits, but what they need to do is listen to their fans and make a strong showing when they release fable 4. I think lionhead’s problem is that they start to reinvent the wheel with every game, and then just continue and reinvent the rest of the car while their at it. Even the parts that work. Fable 3 just doesn’t have the same feel as the original. But that being said, here’s hoping that the dlc adds much more content to the game.

  • racermick

    1) i still stand by my comment but i think installing the game to my harddrive may stop the lagging?
    2) and has anyone noticed the graphics are alot worse than fable 2? look like fable 1 played on a good pc dont you think?
    3) maybe for fable 4 they shoulld scrap everything and start again or i think i will be reluctant to buy it, and continue trying to clock oblivion which is like taking me forever been at it for years and still fining so many new things!!!! also loook at the zelda series that has been going for years and time after time it gets better wether its handheld or on a system, obviousy people favour one to the other Like ocarina of time 😀 but hey were all excellent.
    4) maybe lionhead should look at a new graphics engine (Crytek???)

  • Cam

    Hold hands feature is messed up, shouldn’t have to disengage a quest NPC after they are finished talking just to hold their hand, I only got annoyed at this while doing date quests for a weapon upgrade, but still it happens on most hold hands quests and it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Executor

    The game obviously lacks content in the sense that no one should beat this thing in 8 hours or less. Really its been nothing but a straight line game with a large lack of side quests and it has basically streamlined my gameplay towards the main quests. After I see the credits roll there is pretty much jack shit other than doing quests such as finding a mans wedding ring. Yes I agree with lionheads humour but the lack of content is just crap

  • Spiral

    encountered no bugs or glitches fuck you guys the games great if you don't like it you know where your receipt is

    • quik

      I agree i don't get what you guys are bitching about yes they took out some customization options, ohh i'm so pissed i don't have a choice between the arrowhead tattoo and the doublearrowhead tattoo like in Fable. and yes there's not as many weapons, who the fuck used the rusty cleaver or rusty cutlass anyway? please, anyone. It took me 40 hours to finish the main storyline and that was playing like 4 hours a day, so anyone who says the game was crappy was determined to be disappointed. I mean seriously don't you think it was time to do away with the scrolling menus and the sucking up of little orbs? It's like this guy said if you don't like it take it back and play dragon quest or whatever

    • AvengeR6989

      Easy for you to say when you buy the collectors edition. Can't get money back for that dude this game blows compaered to the 2 and the first one still rocks even though its a Xbox classic. Now explain that one

  • Champ

    the game sucks bad. fable 2 was much better, and fable 1 better than that. fable series gets worse with each installment. and now were slammed with this buggy piece of crap.

    First, were given the ability to play with our friends online and local with our own characters, but with this, they took away uniqueness. Everybody looks the same because there is hardly any clothes to choose from.

    Second, the game is very buggy. I jumped a fence in aurora and got stuck in a rock, reloaded, had a friend try to push me, everything. i had to restart my game because it was impossible to get out of the rock. My jaspar has stopped talking. cant adopt a child cus its glitched. Online multiplayer is very very buggy. safety gets bugged, you glitch and start to slide around, if your not online multiplayer, the orb chat sometimes glitches and causes loud static sound.

    Third, they give us a cool weapon system where our weapons change, but its bugged and my weapons usually change to something i havent done,(like my hammer turning purple from playing online multiplayer, when i havent done so yet) and only change after purchasing a melee level up. they never change again "your weapons change as you use them" is complete bullcrap.

    fourth and everything after 4th… lack of everything fable is about, expressions, things to do, after you beat the game content, lack of polish, they released an unfinished game, it seems their only focus of fable 3 was to look good, which it really doesnt. game sucks, i recommend only getting it as a gamefly rental or something. youll get bored of it in 1 day.

  • Haydn

    I personally had no bugs on my play throughs, but the game just wasn't the same.
    1) Bring back Expression Wheel – I am sick of dancing with just one person at a time, when I could have easily just had a crowd of people. Getting only 1 seel everytime was abit time consuming.
    2) More Weapons – Cleavers, Axe's, Katanna's, Crossbows etc. be brought back AND morphable.
    3) Equal Choices – I felt the choices when becoming King/Queen were uneven. Waste money to save the people but get them killed off anyway, or gain money and everyone hate you? I mean c'mon! It's like they wanted you to be a tyrant like Logan.

  • racer_mickel

    i think they should have just mixed fable 1 with 2 as i loved the chices in fable 1! and the gameplay in fable 2 with the massive variety of things to do! fable 3 is decent wouldnt say it was comlplete S*** i spose its a bit like crap on the tv you watch it because its there and your brain can switch off for an hour or so. this is the saem with this game. the jobs also suck aswell having to do that shitty guild seal thing to upgrade what happend to killing bad guys to get better? saying that i like the way the weapon changes and adapts but wouldnt it be better if we could still buy a S*** Load and customise them? wish i didnt buy the collectors addition.

    overall lionhead will be wondering why so many people are pirating this game. £50 for this damn im a mug!

  • AustinAit

    I cannot complete the "A Marriage Of Inconvenience" quest because there are no vendors nor does the fact that I have 3 wedding rings in my inventory help the fact that I cant buy one from the quest shop… Vendors should either be there for quest items or you should re consider this quest… Also every time I enter sanctuary I don't want to hear that I have new equipment available in the shop, IM NOT BUYING THE DOG COSTUME! Let me know when something NEW is out! I started this comment angrily, but the game is fun I play online with a friend and its fun to try all the little side quests and try to find secrets, if there was a patch that had vendors not go away and a wider variety of outfits for more customization AND PLEASE FIX THE GLITCHES. This game has the potential to be awsome I love the Fable series but this one fell short of the other two. And the first one wasn't even for 360!

    • Joseph

      Sorry but I just had to reply. Your so right about the dog costume lol XD

    • Seems that if you buy the "Understone Quest Pack" DLC, and then complete the "The Voice" quest, area's become repopulated, and you can then complete the "A Marriage Of Inconvenience" quest.

  • adar

    All they need to do as add a bunch of more new items for cloth and spells also they need a new dog breed and better animations and make the game play smooth and have the options to wear your demon/angel wings and looks outside of charged attacks and expressions

  • Rocka'Betty

    I completely agree, they've taken away so much more than they've added. They seem to have been obsessed with reducing interface but in doing so have really ruined the game. Am upset to hear being evil makes things unavailable, seeing as the shops are so rubbish already. Really hope they patch the expression thing, it really gets me that you can't choose. Just really bothers me. Fable 2 was so much better.

    • Korbine

      One of the worst parts is they took half the game from Fable 2. The magic system is the exact same less the weaving, and the melee is in my opinion worse do to the same challenges over and over to upgrade the weapons.

  • josh gt:iamhoan

    I have to agree with the above comments, however I'm not upset so much about the new game mechanics but with the overwhelming impact of the glitches and bugs, i can't earn guild seals from expressions or kills and because of this my weapons wont upgrade, and when i got to the "Gone but not forgotten" quest i got locked in it and had to start over. I love Fable and so does my wife but this is bull****.I can't enjoy myself when i play because i know it's gonna screw some where down the road. I should get paid for being a tester for lionheads inability to follow through. I will never buy anything again from these developers and i suggets the same to anyone else because if you don't complain or make a stand the average consumer will continue to be ripped off by these companies. Please make your self heard, this **** isn't cheap and no one wants to waste their money!

    • oilfan

      Man i cant believe i wasted my $70 on this shit. the only reason i got this game was because i really liked fable tlc..fable 2 was okay but not better than the first one, and i thought they fixed the problems in fable 3. well i cant have my money back now but im done buying their products.

  • Xanthus83

    The expression system definitely sucks. Lame watching my mostrous male character tango and patty-cake with other guys all of the time…so stupid…

    • Korbine

      They force homosexuality on the player in order to upgrade the strongest sword in the game. Thats stupid.

  • Tripper

    I.E: less clothes, less expressions. you would think with the updated multi-player that there would be more clothes so as to be more uniquely different than your guests. I normally play through an entire game as a good character and play a new game as an evil one the second time around, But I'm already so F-ing bored that I couldn't bare to go through all this BS again to be evil. I have just started being evil with my good character because I hate this game so much. What a waste of money and anticipation. Shame on you and your phoned in game, Lionhead!

  • KnowbleSavage

    Fable 3 is the worst Game I have ever played! I hate this game! They ruined the Fable experience. I hate that I can't choose the expressions I do! I hate that now that I beat the game I can't buy 90% of the stuff I want cause most of my merchants are dead. I hate that expressions only affect one person at a time! I hate that the minor boss characters are completely unaffected by damage until the killing blow. I hate that monster spells can't be interrupted by my attacks! I hate that I can no longer do head shots. I hate That I can't turn off my safety whenever I want! I hate that instead of expanding on all the things I loved about this game they have down-sized everything!,

  • Tripper

    I hate this game! They ruined the Fable experience. I hate that I can't choose the expressions I do! I hate that now that I beat he game I can't buy 90% of the stuff I want cause most of my merchants are dead. I hate that expression only affect one person at a time! I hate that the minor boss characters are completely unaffected by damage until the killing blow. I hate that monsters spells can't be interrupted by my attacks! I hate that I can no longer do head shots. I hate That I can't turn off my safety whenever I want! I hate that instead of expanding on all the things I loed about this game have been down-sized, I.E: less clothes, less expressions. you would think with the updated multi-player that there would be more clothes so as to be uniquely different than your guest. I normally play through an entire game as a good character ad play a new game as an evil one the second time around, But I'm already so F-ing bored that I couldn't bare to go through all this BS again to be evil. I have just started being evil with my good character because I hate this game so much. What a waste of money and anticipation. Shame on you and your phoned in game, Lionhead!

    • your right the game needs more, i have millions in gold and i brought everything already. im tired of fighting the same enemies over and over. plus not enought shops and the shops are wack. my gammer tag is o5hjt G3tOwn3D xbox 360 is what i play on