Call of Duty Black Ops: Launch Trailer, but no Zombies

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2010

For those of you who didn’t get to see the leaked videos for Call of Duty: Black Ops due to Activision’s swift removal, you’ll be pleased to know that the company has just released the official launch trailer for the game.

The trailer itself is pretty awesome and backed up by Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones. The clip is fairly short and you might be surprised to see that there was no mention of the zombie mode within Black Ops.

Personally speaking, I thought Treyarch would release a zombie trailer for Halloween, but it didn’t happen and with just 7 days to go, you wonder if a trailer will come out at all.

Then again, if you’ve been watching all the leaked videos so far, then chances are you’ve already seen the new mode in action. Check out the official launch promo below and let us know your thoughts on it.

Disappointed there wasn’t any zombies?

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  • danny doom no1 add me

    love the tentical

  • drdrae14

    dude blackops is going to beat halo reach cuss halo reach suck
    and guys there well be zombiesi hope

  • Eduardo

    Eactly David, There is a leaked video for that .i really dont know where this website gets its info from. Its time to quit seriously!!!!

  • ghhdhg

    Noob tubes for life haha bitches

  • david

    There is a leak video of zombies.

    It includes 4 famous political leaders.

    it is situated in The Pentagon Link

    • danny

      ye i saw those vids they been taken down but they awsome i can't wait to bad my exams are a day after the game coms out 🙁

      • jow

        my sat is on saturday b4 the game comes out

    • Alex Ion (devicemag)

      From what it looks like, the leak is actually an official trailer.
      Treyarch however haven't gone live with it, yet, and Activision are closing down accounts on YouTube that uploaded the file … hmm 🙂

  • Matthew James Bowers

    COD BlackOps should come out now =-) going to own all PS3 user base when it does ADD ME: lilbudd LILBUDD AND ROBOROOSTER GOTTA HAVE THEY COD AND CHIPS, c u in game trigger happy grenade launcher newbs U GOT NOTHING ON PROPER FPS SKILLS lilbudd and the roborooster get u, in game. Peace

    • gerardo

      its that the dame truth! proper skillls. flores886 homies!