Call of Duty Black Ops: Golden Guns and Top-secret co-op Mode

With just one week to go until the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the barrage of leaked videos seems to be relentless. The latest news is that Golden Guns is back, and a new Top-secret co-op mode has been exposed.

David ‘Vahn’ Vonderhaar, the designer behind COD: Black Ops multiplayer was the one who dropped a few hints about Golden Guns making a comeback – the two videos, which you can view on Gameranx are certain proof of this. The first video runs for 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and the second for 52 seconds.

You would have thought that the secrets for Black Ops would have ended by now, but they keep coming thick and fast. The recent rumors of Black Ops’ ‘Dead Ops Arcade’ mode seem to be true, but you will need to unlock it first.

Dead Ops mode is like Zombies Mode, so the idea is to kill as many zombies as you can. For those of you who do not believe this latest leak, then visit CVG for more details?



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