Call of Duty Black Ops: Golden Guns and Top-secret co-op Mode

By Peter Chubb - Nov 2, 2010

With just one week to go until the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the barrage of leaked videos seems to be relentless. The latest news is that Golden Guns is back, and a new Top-secret co-op mode has been exposed.

David ‘Vahn’ Vonderhaar, the designer behind COD: Black Ops multiplayer was the one who dropped a few hints about Golden Guns making a comeback – the two videos, which you can view on Gameranx are certain proof of this. The first video runs for 2 minutes and 36 seconds, and the second for 52 seconds.

You would have thought that the secrets for Black Ops would have ended by now, but they keep coming thick and fast. The recent rumors of Black Ops’ ‘Dead Ops Arcade’ mode seem to be true, but you will need to unlock it first.

Dead Ops mode is like Zombies Mode, so the idea is to kill as many zombies as you can. For those of you who do not believe this latest leak, then visit CVG for more details?

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  • tyler stephens

    fuck you bastards and your fucking hacks and cheats just play the damn game like the rest of us

  • baked everyday

    you guys are silly…it doesn't take money to get the golden guns…but you can't make the secondary weapons gold…..because they don't have camo options…

  • cheat pete

    it is soooo true you can get golden guns! i have gold pyton commando m16 ebr a.k.a m14 and and invisible crossbow! need cheats to get invisible crossbow.

    • cheater petter

      but how do you get the cheat to get gold guns?

      • JORDOOM ON PS3

        get some one to go on to a private match nd then make a gold gun class and then tell them to back out and the invite you to and player match and it sould work

  • kingbmpls

    yes its true, i have gold commando and galil right now. it takes a long time to do, and yes each gold camo is 50,000 cod bucks.

    • phil bowen

      nice i got it as well all though the 15 prestige badge it dump LOL

  • GoldenGuns!

    how do you get golden guns? i saw someone in SnD with a Golden AK47.. i asked him.. and he said "its hard to explain, but you need atleast 50,000 cod points". Is that true?

    • you ned to be like 11th prestige

  • jesus

    Hey evan shut up

  • jesus


  • Da Boss

    its not that bad i like it good gameplay

  • JDIZ


  • carlos garcia

    why not?

  • stuuuuuuuuf


  • Begg_rfc

    Dead ops arcade seems to be a little game that is played from a birdseye view – doesn’t look great to me..! There will still be a zombies mode once you complete the game, you play as JFK, and other political figures in a pentagon map..!

  • Pengo

    I don’t get dead ops