Apple vs. Android Growth: Verizon iPhone and 9 Other Possibilities

By Jamie Pert - Nov 2, 2010

Yesterday we posted an article showing just how much Google’s Android mobile operating system has grown in popularity over the last year, a recent article posted on eWeek looks at 10 ways that Apple can combat Android’s growth.

The most obvious way is to announce and release a Verizon iPhone, a lot of Americans are not fans of AT&T’s network, therefore choose Verizon instead, at the moment most, if not all of the high-end devices Verizon offer run Android, which is obviously one way that Android has grown so much lately.

If you check out eWeek’s recent article you can see nine other ways that Apple can combat Android, we will talk about them briefly in this article, however check out this link for full details (be aware the article is split across two pages).

Other suggestions include keeping the pressure on with patents, keeping ahead in terms of physical and software design, continuing to innovate and improve on where iOS is failing, fix the antenna issue, use marketing to fight Google, add something exciting to the next iPhone (preferably something that has not been done before) and focus on Google as a competitor rather than all other smartphone options.

Towards the end of eWeek’s article they seem to run out of ideas, they say that Google should look beyond smartphones and also concentrate on future tablets, to be honest I think that Apple has been doing this with all of their iOS updates etc.

We would love to hear your opinions on this article, what do you think Apple should concentrate on to combat Android? Personally, I think the next iPhone’s hardware needs to outdo its competitors rather than close the gap.

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  • upsin, d

    It will come down to the product released by apple, the timing, and the cost. Now that Apple no longer controls the market, but instead is competing, they will need to scale back all the required hoops for consumers who are loyal. Android is far easier to access and customize, and thus far, with better plan options.

  • Mark

    Verizon iPhone 4 & iPhone 5 Will Take Apple To Forefront Of Mobile Market!!
    I here so many complaints about ANDROID from unsatisfied customers. I am glad I was not fooled into switching to DROID! DROID DOESN'T!!

  • Phil

    Apple doesn't have to do anything but stay consistant with their products as they are exceptional! Iphone just WORKS! Android is shit!

  • cant stop the android!!! im sure google will release something even better by the time verizon releases the iphone. im not worried

  • William

    I have been with Verizon for many years, I would love to have the iphone, but not with AT&T. I'll stick with my droid until we get the iphone, Verizon has way better service period, and Apple will make tons of money with that move and also stop the droid momentum as well.

  • scott

    Android blows iphone out of the water. That guy is nuts. way more customizability then iphone. can do way more and is not locked down. Android isnt going anywhere but up. alot of people hate apple and their tactics

    • guest

      Android BLOWS! PERIOD.

  • guest

    The only thing Apple has to do to compete with Android is release the iPhone with more carriers (Verizon, Sprint, T-Mo). Android is a terrible operating system which will fail greatly once Apple Iphone becomes an option to more cell phone carriers. The iPhone works smoothly and is superior to Android in almost every way!

    • halelujah

      Dont take that shit anymore, your brain is dying like iPhone dude

      • guest

        Nah! Android is dead already! You will see! 🙂

    • Ubuntubwoy

      The debate for or against Android is irrelevant – there's been recorded comments from top Apple officials clearly stating that Android WILL become the dominant force in the smartphone and tablet computing markets. Why would they say this if they didn't believe it themselves?