Xbox 360 New Dashboard Update: Download Now

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Microsoft has today began rolling out the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360, recently MajorNelson revealed just what this update consisted off, and by the looks of things it should be a very popular update.

The update is not being rolled out in certain regions first, so pretty much everyone should be able to download the update now, I am currently in the UK and have received the update, the download was very quick and installation took less than a minute .Once installed the first thing you notice is a new splash screen (we have embedded a couple of images below), when you sign in to Xbox Live you have a new terms of usage that you have to agree.

We will now list the new feature this update brings, however if you want a fully detailed breakdown we suggest that you check out MajorNelson’s post here.

The new update brings ESPN on Xbox LIVE, Zune Music, Netflix Search, improved voice chat quality, a new Avatar spin wheel option which suggests Gamertags when your choice is already taken, an improved and easy to use QWERTY keyboard in the dashboard, an improved Xbox LIVE Marketplace UI, better wireless networking functionality, improved sign-in / sign-out capabilities, a new feature which allows you and others to see the games which you complete 100% and finally updated family settings and family programming capabilities.

Check out the source link below to see full details, have you received the update yet?

Source: MajorNelson

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  • Trxstudio

    punch of idiots somebody have a link!

  • Chas

    What’s the point of having a background picture if it is 1. grey on the bottom half.and 2. the menu is opaque? Everything about the system is infuriatingly stupid and awkward.Added to that is the fact that MS has not provided an internet browser.I am going back to PS3 as soon as I can even though my last one died I miss it so much.

  • HIZERON "live tag"

    I agree that the new look of the dashboard is horrible. I don't know what Microsoft was trying to do with this one, but if it was to get people angry at the new look "if you can even call it that," then they succeeded. Personally, I liked the old look much better. Now whenever I go to the dashboard I get blinded unless I have the lights on bright. MICROSOFT, GET AN OPTION FOR US TO BRING THE OLD STYLE DASH BACK.

  • toma

    how do you down grade

  • John

    It looks awful, thanks for nothing microsoft!

  • brian

    The new dashboard is full of bugs o downloaded it on my system that was manufactured in Nov of 08 and immediately afterwards I can play my games they all say reading then open tray. The only game I have that loads up right away is perfect dark zero and dvd’s play fine. Xbox is trying to tell me it is my system and that no one else is having this issue. They will fix their screw up if I pay 120 dollars. Is anyone else have these issue.

  • Hagrinas

    Some people like the cosmetic changes, and others don't. I don't care for them. I read a review that praised them like they were a godsend. It also mentioned that without the old layout, you can no longer get an idea of what icons are coming up next on the menu, or if you are in Netflix, whether there are 5 more items in the category or 20 left to scroll through; a small price to pay for the nicer interface.

    That's a load of crap. Whether you like or dislike the appearance, it's cosmetic. The "small price" is functional. Taking away a functional advantage is taking away something real. You cannot make up for it with square corners instead of rounded ones, so we can have a crossbar menu just like the PS3. I already have a PS3 and I don't need another one. I'm glad that they added non-cosmetic features, but they forgot to add an option in the configuration to let users select a menu style. That way, users can decide if they want to use the one that sucks or not.

    I already have a Wii and don't need another one. But the Kinect is optional so I can have things the old way or the new way. There's nothing wrong with improving things if people have a choice. There was no reason for a MANDATORY upgrade to make my device work with peripherals I don't own. They took away what I paid for and that's a rip off.

  • Cobus

    Worst update ever. Everything is sluggish now ..even my games seem to be sluggish now and skipping frames. Bladdy annoying.

  • Benaiah

    Microsoft just screwed everyone who has migraine headaches or sensitivity to bright screens/lights. Way to go, M$.

  • wow

    down grade!!!

  • endless

    Stop Complaining. If your mature enough to understand that who cares what the dashboard looks like, it is for kids. You can still play your awesome adult games by pressing a button. Seriously grow up, and stop complaining or go buy a ps3

    • guest

      Actually i do not like being bombarded by advertising, i go on the xbox to escape it. We pay for Live, we pay EXTRA for games and why should we as adults not be allowed to choose, what we watch and what we do not want to see.
      The interface has more advert space than before and is on every page bar Bing, social and settings. The game in the tray is the smallest pane they can use not center stage in the large center window where it should be.
      Also the machine is sluggish the advertising now uses some more of my bandwidth allowance and the background is so bright i need to wear shades. not to mention the very long delays in logging in , the fustrating system slowdown and lastly, the complete disregard for our opinions.  

  • Lovefist

    It is shameful, equivalent to my ZX spectrum! I know retro is supposed to be cool but hey, next update could be handing your Xbox in for a board game the ultimate way to converse with a live community!!!! pathetic. I hope someone gets the sack.

  • Ily

    I agee this sh*t is horrible. It's too bright. And you can't use any achieved avatar items, for ex. the limbo tee. The new icon for the xbox loading symbol is stupid as well. The layout all together is stupid… Since your 45 years old you have no idea what your talking about, Atari man.

  • APG

    Yup, looks like microsoft dusted off some of the old windows 98 graphics. I'm not digging the eye candy at all. Hope the other improvements make up for the crappy look of this thing.

  • Paul

    I really don’t know how they can call this an update! It’s a downgrade as far as I’m concerned. The dashboard looks plain and white washed. I haven’t really checked out the new features, so I might be happy with that, but every time I look at the dash it just makes me sad. The load times are a little sluggish too. They also changed the sound quality for your voice, but I can’t help but feel like I’m in a tunnel when talking to my friends. I really hope they receive enough complaints to at the very least they change the look of the dash. So if you read this, please don’t pass up the opportunity and let them know what you think!

    • phil

      the new dashboard is a total bag of sh..t. if i wanted a kids consle i would of got the wii,
      cant belive this new dashboard is serious. creating your own avatar who give a fuck about changing the look of a fuckin avatar. realy realy poor

  • Anonymous0009

    It seems that Scientology and microsoft are working side-by-side and phucking up the xbox live experience all together, this white screen 5h1t is making me drowsy!!!

  • Guest

    I like it and I am 45 years young and love every new item the "Live Guys" make for me.
    your spelling tells us your age so please stop with the complaints!! Seriously

  • joe joe

    hate this new dashboard piece of crap now all my ps3 buddies culd throw in my face how i have a kids console fukkkkkk!!!!!

  • ciaran

    iis espn update available in ireland?
    i just updated there and i dont have it do you have to have sky

  • marhorn

    Just happy they upgraded the voice quality! awesome update!

  • Jamie

    It's very white but I'm liking some of the updateed features.

    • micahweaver

      did you pay for it

  • Steven Coopsta

    This update looks like a piece of sh*t. Are they serious? Isn't this what the Wii was for? To pawn something sh*tty off to the kids while the older people have something worthwhile to do? This seriously looks like it was built for 6-11 year olds. Horrible.

    Oh, PS… I just watched Rita die. So I'm a little pissy right now. Doesn't change the fact that this update sucks a big one.

    • BIGxTUNAx24


    • oliwog

      yea i saw rita die the other day on dexter, i knew it was comin tho cos i read she died a while back on the dexter wiki. made for a great season finale tho.
      anyway th dash does look a bit pants, defo not as nice looking as the old one., runs smoother but thats about it.

    • Jake

      this update is terrible! It looks like a ever so slighty upgraded windows 98, doesn’t move as fluidly as the old one and as far upgraded sound quality? Just awful..

    • Paul

      I compleatly agree, the looks and souds blow. And have you heard the way everyone sounds in chat, i feel like i'm in a sewer pipe.

    • HelpfulInfoMan

      Yeah, agreed.