Xbox 360: Do You Like The New Dashboard?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

If you read our earlier article you will know that the new Xbox 360 dashboard has been rolled out by Microsoft today, now that people have had a chance to install and use the new dashboard we thought that we would ask our reader’s whether they liked the new look.

Obviously in terms of functionality the new dashboard is going to be a hit, however we are more interested in things like sending messages to friends, inviting friends to games, party chat and the general look and performance of the new dash.

I managed to get some hands-on time with the new dashboard earlier today and I was pretty impressed, there didn’t seem to be that spit-second of lag you get when inviting friends to games (which was a problem with the last dash) and in my opinion the new UI had a much better look and feel than any previous versions.

Feel free to answer the poll question below, also if you have a strong opinion on this subject share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Anonymous

    It is simply a pile of utter wank. Excuse my French.

  • doc2084

    Consumers not happy? Product recall & by LAW, M$ will have to get rid of new dashboard.Class Action lawsuit for unwanted eyepain!!! Does Mr. SOFTY not know of these?

  • alistair

    nope i do not like it either

  • Zeuss101

    The white looks absolutely awful, friends list is practically unviewable, and the text in various menus such as achievements is extremely difficult to read.

    While the new features are good, it would be so much better if we had the option to change to the classic UI.

  • Blargh

    Oh god, my eyes! They burn! Seriously, there is too much white, and the avatar being on top cuts down the view of two and a half windows to just two, so it's pointless. Before, you could see half a dozen windows at a glance, and the new dashboard moves between windows so much slower.

  • Outlaw56

    It looks like i cheap, 2D version of the current dashboard (which i wasn’t a fan of in the first place). SERIOUSLY what the hell was wrong with the very first original dashboard? this new dashboard just looks… flat and dead. i also don’t like the way its forcing Xbox live and the kinect down our thoughts even if your not interested in it. microsoft don’t care though. remember, you can’t go on live unless you download this failed downdate of dash so i’m sure they will get plenty of hits with it -.- i curse your wii rip off microsoft!

  • Guest

    I find this new dashboard utterly terrible. While the old dashboard (the one prior to this update), was pleasing to the eye with it's greyish and green color scheme, bright white isn't the best for any tasks. Plus, the method of viewing of the panes, as though you are looking straight at them, not allowing you to look at anything else unless you are within a square of it. Plus, the squares are MASSIVE! They take up 50% of the screen, not even letting you see any of your themes. Plus, the sounds are like a children's toy. This is slowly turning into a target audience of younger and younger people. Plus, all this is for is Kinect, which I don't even think will be successful. I'd like options for the dashboard noise and for the color scheme and viewing angle and which dashboard you use in general, but I doubt that will occur. Microsoft would save themselves if they let people choose their dashboard, but I don't think that will happen anytime soon.

  • stones

    I have to say the menus are really bad. It looks like im running in windows 95 on a 16 colour graphics card. Poor form indeed,

  • Theron

    I didnt agree to download a WIN 95 downgrade to my Xbox.
    I wouldnt mind it so bad if I could JUST CUSTOMIZE.
    Colors and Layout.
    The new movment of the dashboard tabs makes me motion sick.
    The Search on Netflix is good. The ablity to add to your DVD queue from your XBOX is great.
    Why Cant We have a Adult Dashboard and a Child dashboard options???????
    If you are going to charge us more to use Live then Give us choices.

  • If you hate the new update…

  • Jesus

    I think it should give an option to change the colors when u press the Xbox home button plain white is gaaay other then that it looks much cleaner ^^

  • gcstang

    I love the Netflix search feature but the rest is just too dang bright and the big squares make it look like it went back in time vs. the nice scrolling it had with things at an angle.

  • Merik

    Some of the changes make sense for kinect, but the over all look is awful!

  • Paul

    Not impressed, graphics are square now, preferred the curves of the old version. Runs slower than the previous.. Bright White windows for messaging etc ! Why ? It’s hardly pleasing to the eye.

    The end user needs to be able to customise the look.

  • Rik

    I hate this update, the last dashboard was far better and responsive. This looks old fashioned, and lags like you wouldn't believe.

    This is the worst dashboard to date, the original dashboard before NXE is better than this one.

    Let me have the old dash back please!!!

  • Ace

    Wow what crap is this. It feels like a child toy. I am am adult I play call of duty, modern war fare, gears of war. Not knitting for beginners. Please microsoft gives us an un update. I want my xbox not, my kid sisters or 1 year old nephew.

  • solowingpixie

    Have to admit the phrase 'if it aint broke dont fix it' this looks lika a beta for windows 93…
    I get they had to fix some glitches and get ready for kinnect but did you have to make it look like my grandpas photo collection!!!!! and the new sounds oh my god I had to put it on mute, way ta go that microsoft has the only software you cant personalise.. oh wait a minute you can chage your theme, which you cant see any more because the new boxes are that big…….. wait they'll probably want some ms points soon to personalise, someone please start a facebook pole to turn it back!!!!!!!

  • Paul

    It is soooooo 1990s, crap, crap, crap….. turn it back now! or let the flies of a thousand camels infest bill gate's crotch!!!!! it is awful…..

  • Angie

    It really does look like a step back. Everything is too square and plain. I had no choice to download it because it's my brothers xbox but I tried to get him not to download it. Oh well guess I'll just have to wait for another update. Maybe next time they'll put more thought into it and try to make it look better instead of making it look like something that came out years ago.

  • Angry bob

    looks utter shiet they made it look worse and older, i was about sick when i noticed how bad it looked , way to squary and the colours look like something from windows 95, i dont give a shit about kinect so to me the new dashboard i pointless, im thinging of sueing microsoft and buying a ps3 with the money, at least the ps3 dashboard looks good and you can costimize it , thanks for the pish update microsoft u bunsh of rednecks gypsie phycopaths.

  • Rich

    pretty damn disappointed if you ask me. im glad im not the only person getting a headache from scrolling through my friends, its frustrating to say the least. i hope they realise how F**KING terrible the overall look of this update is and change it asap – or at least give us some damn customisation options…

  • Monica

    dude; this sucks, there should just be a button that makes it switch to the older version. seriously; i dislike thi s verymuch

  • it is to slow to bold to old looking and too shit
    it look like windows98 ffs and the scrolling though your friends gives me a headach make me wont to buy a ps3 not gona be on my xbox alot un till black ops

  • Jake

    Its so freakin shitty now. So bland and colorless. Microsoft must've had a bad day. Have hope and they will fix it! 😀

    • Mike

      But knowing Microsoft they will make you pay to have the old look or pay for some sort of premium dashboard skin.

  • Mark

    I think the new 'squares' look like a badly rendered website from years back. Also, when moving between menus it looks like there's some slowdown in the fram rate, or atleast a few frames missing creating a uneasy motion which does my eyes in.

    Really don'tl ike it for that reason, gives me a headache. I will certainly be spending less time searching Xbox Live features (for the sake of my eyes if nothing else)

  • marhorn

    It awesome! Im just happy about upgraded voice clarity!

  • guest

    Too bright, too clunky/square – the old one was much smoother & more fluid.
    Feels like a step backwards.
    bad, bad, bad.

  • chris

    the new dashboard doesnt look good at all >:( the colours are crap and it looks way way older than the very first xbox 360 dashboard. If you microsoft would let me choose id choose the very first one.

  • Bronze

    You suck Microsoft, who thought this was a good idea, the dashboard is ugly and harder to use than before.
    The lag on Australian Live servers has made playing games online unbearable!
    I'm devistated, and you don't even have a choice about downloading it!

    Makes me want to chuck the xbox and buy a PS3





  • Shirt

    What the hell. What happened to the blue hair for the avatars?! xD And my avatar clothes are having problems being "changed". And the black and white menus are so TACKY! At least give us some customizing options. The first dashboard was great with that. WTF this is a next gen gaming console! Whaatiiauughttaa… -shakes fist-

    I wish I could un-update. >:1

  • phil banks

    So how do you get on the beta program then? Im just starting a videogame graphics course and i'm interested in this program.

  • Shaun

    My guide is still very slow and lags, especially with closing it.

    The dashboard was made to match Windows Phone 7: squares and one solid color.

    I dislike the update. MS is making us pay more for live for features like ESPN that most people either don’t want or don’t care about.

  • phil banks

    I think that the new Xbox360 dashboard is fantastic. A much cleaner look and all ready for Kinect. Well done Microsoft and keep up the good work.


    • Mike

      Man you must be smoking crack or something to think that the new dashboard is all that. It reminds me of something you would see on windows 95. Looks worse than most beta versions you see now a days, I mean my 12 yr old could do a better job of designing the dashboard. Think about it……..we get a new sleeker more futuristic looking Xbox360 and they make the dashboard look out dated. Looks more like it should have been on the original Xbox.

  • Alfanan

    I've been on their Beta program and have had this update since Oct. The overall look/feel of the interface is very fluid and catchy, and it's surely setup for Kinect. I love it!

    • Michelle

      Its not fluid and catchy. Its stale and boring

      • Alfanan

        I guess each to their own opinion 🙂

      • Jesse

        Aesthetically it’s amazing. Simplicity has always been a turn on on my own perspectives. The new one is a lot smoother, more refined, and at the same time straight to the point. No bloat = more fun.


    Mines installing right now, thought i'd see what others had to say about it while it takes it's sweet time!!