Xbox 360 Dashboard: Friends List Problem Will Fix Itself

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Earlier today we asked our readers whether they were experiencing problems with the new Xbox 360 dashboard, most of the problems were download-related and are the result of huge demand on Microsoft’s servers, however some people’s friends lists were seemingly wiped, which was obviously very annoying.

I thought I would contact Xbox Support regarding the issue, to be honest I didn’t expect a reply, however they replied within 15 minutes, and it is good news.

You can see the reply below, as you can see it is probably the result of a huge amount of traffic and will repopulate itself over time, so if your list is blank it will probably be sorted pretty soon.

I had a little search around and it seems as if people are reporting that their friends lists have now reappeared a few hours after installing the update, has yours?

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  • madazphuc

    has anyone found a solution to tht rrod issue cause by the new mandatory dashboard update cuz i'm totally screwed and i am a gold member

  • macgooroo

    I had this problem and was able to get everything back by applying a 3month membership card to my account

  • JBOX

    I've got the same problem as Xavi. Talked with Support for two hours last night and they still haven't given me an answer.

  • Xavi

    My friends list is still missing. I can not send or receive messages and can not play multiplayer games online. My status is Gold and on Live. This update really screwed things up.

  • Richard Hay

    The @XboxSupport crew are superb on Twitter – one of the best implementations of Customer Support on there!

  • MrKingApplesauce

    xbox is lame always got problems