Voting Locations By Zip Code Using Mobile Devices

For those of you who are still uncertain where they are supposed to vote for tomorrows elections, then there is a new app available allowing you to find voting locations by your ZIP code. Being able to use a mobile device has now made the whole process of voting much easier.

The app is available for a number of smartphones on the market, such as a range of BlackBerry devices and the iPhone. Getting started on the iPhone is much easier that the BlackBerry. Things are more involved for BlackBerry users; get more details on this at Half Moon Bay.

Sticking with the iPhone app theme, CNN has their CNN Elections Center application. Once downloaded and installed you will be able to follow things as they develop on Election Day. You will receive up to the minute news, so you know how well your candidate is doing; more details about the app on iTunes.

Finally we have the MyElection My News CNN webpage, which can also be viewed on smartphones. All you need to do is enter your ZIP code in the search box; you can also change your location to get different results.

These are just a few ways where you can gain access to the vast amount of knowledge for the Midterms.


  • Alexis

    This is our chance to take them out of the White House, we need leaders not what we have now.

  • james

    the president is an embarasment to the good people of america

    • dre

      obviously you are as well…

    • us navy veteran

      My Presidedent ,is the best man for the job that your buddies screwed up.You just cannot accept the fact that he is helping the average persson as opposed to the old boy club big wigs…


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