Videos via YouTube allowed in Turkey

Google is no stranger to being banned in certain countries, so came as no surprise when YouTube was blocked in Turkey more than two years ago. However, that ban has now been lifted, so residents will now be able to enjoy all the amazing videos available on the website.

The reason for the ban was all down to politics, which as we know is the result of so many other issues in the world – that and religion. There are countries out there that hate it when people try to promote hate and spread offensive comments – something that YouTube is no stranger to.

All offending videos have now been removed from the video sharing website, we just hope that the service stays up for good this time in Turkey? However, according to Stan Schroeder from Mashable, YouTube will have to make certain that they keep within the limits of what Turkey say is the law.

YouTube did not remove the offensive videos; they are now looking into who removed the videos, just to make certain that they kept within the law. Do you think that this ban was justified?



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