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The PlayStation Phone: Sony’s CFO New PSP Hint

Rumors of “The PlayStation Phone” were hot news last week, but let us remember that that’s all they were – rumors. There has been a huge amount of speculation since; such as specs, design and release date, but nothing official as yet. However, Sony’s CFO has dropped a few hints about such a device.

The bulk of the rumors started with a source that Engadget did not want to name, but they were not shy in sharing some details with us, but it was the comments from Masaru Kato that got us thinking that this could truly be a real product after all.

Kato points to the fact that there is a market for cell phones with gaming in mind, and that they do not see tablets and smartphones as different parts of Sony. This tells me that they plan to launch a device that will not only make calls, but also can surf the web and play games as well.

If this is in fact true, then mobile gaming could be about to change – wonder if Apple will have to make a few design changes to the iPhone 5? We all know how popular gaming has become on the Apple iPhone, but having licensed PlayStation games on a phone could give Apple something to worry about. More details on Sony’s CFO’s comments can be found on the Telegraph website.

Will The PlayStation Phone become a true iPhone rival?


  • Martin

    the only way it will come true is if it is not another stuff up like the xperia range if phone. I an bitterly disappointed with Se his the while update Anne customer service head been handled, and I’m not the only one


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