Science Fiction Cars: Memorable Modes Of Transportation

When it comes to watching science fiction movies, it seems that we remember the vehicles in them rather than a number of the actors. There have been many movies over the years where the car has become a major part of that franchise, and I know what tops my list.

The best-loved car from the movies has to be the DeLorean DMC-12 from “Back to the Future”. I know now that it was not exactly the best car in the world, but those gull-winged doors and how the car could fly was just awesome to me in my teens.

Then there are the most recent Batman movies; the Batmobile was nothing like the one from the TV Series. This one had an aggressive look, something that would be at home in any Halo game.

Another iconic vehicle from a science fiction movie is the concept Lexus/Toyota that featured in Minority report. In the movie the car could change its color and did not have a gasoline engine; instead using an electrical/magnetic energy system.

These are just three Science Fiction Cars that have now become Memorable, which would you put on your list?



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