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Samsung Galaxy Tab: T-Mobile Amazon Price Ridiculous?

Following on from our previous report which informed you that T-Mobile will be offering the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab for $399 on contract, we have just seen how much the unsubsidized version will be – and it isn’t cheap.

As reported from Engadget, you can now head over to Amazon and pre-order the unsubsidized version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab on T-Mobile for a hefty $699.

Amazon are claiming that they have already sweetened the deal with a $50 discount, but you can agree that $699 is rather a lot for the average consumer.

If you are interested in buying one though, you can pre-order it now ready for shipping in around a week’s time. Engadget advise their readers to hold on for a better deal, and at $699 – we have to agree with them.

What are your thoughts on the price? Is it ridiculous or reasonable?



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