Pontiac Remembered: Your Favorite Iconic Models?

The iconic brand that is Pontiac has finally closed its doors after being in the car making business for 84 years. No other car brand has touched the hearts of hundreds of millions of us, like Pontiac has; the reason for this is because of a huge presence in not only moves, but TV as well.

Smokey and the Bandit was a great movie for two reasons; Burt Reynolds, and the black and gold Firebird that he drove. However, I was too young to fully appreciate this, but it was David Hasselhoff and his Pontiac Trans Am named KITT that made me fall in love with the famous car brand.

I do not know how many times i saw a car go down the street with a strange red light going back and fourth –but it did get a bit stupid? The funny thing is, to this day I still say “Super Pursuit Mode” when I want to go fast in my car – come on, I am not the only one?

There have been so many other iconic Pontiac models, such as in NASAR, but the brand has diluted over the years; sadly the passion faded, GM had no choice but to close the doors.. What is your most iconic Pontiac? What are your fondest memories of the brand?



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