New Xbox 360 Dashboard Update: Connection Problem Common?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Earlier today I posted an article suggesting that there were no obvious major problems with the new dashboard update for Xbox 360, however since this article was posted we have received a huge response from people reporting connection problems.

The most common problem seems to occur when people begin downloading the update, apparently a lot of people start downloading the update, however after a few minutes it fails and says that there is a connection problem.

There has been no official statement from Microsoft, however I suspect that this is a server-related problem caused by the huge demand, some users have tried installing the update multiples times and it still fails, whilst others suggested it worked after a few attempts.

My suggestion is to turn off your router for 5 minutes and retry the update, the update worked fine for me 9 hours ago when there wasn’t as much demand, so it should be a problem which resolves over time.

Have you experienced the connection problems? If so, what did you do to resolve this?

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  • marine

    I did the update last night and ever since I have had issues with my NAT type. Today I reset the router to default and then re configured and it worked with the NAT and then xbox live went down again and now is back up and my NAT type is moderate again. Its worked all this time til this update and now I have issues.

  • nsr

    Mine still doesnt work, and i tried what u said, but everytime, it shows the failed screen.

  • Jermaine Bentford

    I just updated my 360. I know this sounds silly and amusing to the xbox 360 community perhaps, but my 360 is modded. I applied the update, and then inserted mw2 back in, which is a mod game, just half an hour after I turned the 360 off after having played it all day. however, when the update had applied, I was unable to play the game. I tried some other mod games, and no one seemed to work.. So I put in Mass Effect, which is just an original 360 game, no mod. He worked… So basically, the new update, just destroyed my chances of playing over 20 of my games. So now I'll have to buy all these games again if I want to play them, which could cost me up to 6-800 quid.. I'm sorry microsoft, but up yours for having crushed over 10.000 xbox 360 live players games. Nice job!

  • Tom


    I have been having the same problem with my XBOX,
    I just switched of my router for 10-15 minutes then I switched it back on again, did the update and it worked, the update takes about 5 minutes to complete anyway though.

  • frenchboy

    why can't things be easy….
    now that i can acces internet for free i can't even update my xbox…
    jeez man….
    but i'm glad i'm not the only one…
    i'll try again and again till it works

  • trever

    Oh my god, i've been trying for hours now, and it doesnt work, i just bought my xbox 360 yesterday. so this is kinda dissappointing… Any help at all????!!!!!

  • John

    There are hundreds and hundreds of posts on official xbox live forums regarding systems that were bricked immediately after the updates. There are major problems with the update that has nothing to do with router settings.

  • David

    I have 2 consoles. 1 online and 1 not. After the Kinect update I have had nothing but problems reading older game disks. ( funny that the kinect game disk work fine.) I have the same open drawer problem and dirty disk error that other people are reporting. ALL THE DISK WORK FINE ON THE CONSOLE THAT DID NOT GET THE UPDATE. This is certainly an update issue and needs to be fixed.

  • ezzyw69

    you really should be able to choose if you want this crap or not -microsoft is a pain in the ass-and no one cares about KInect

  • Dunia Mushcab


  • need help 123

    someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • need help 123

    i have turned my xbox on and off like at least 20 times it wont work i gave it a break and stll wont work pleas help i dont even want the dash board i just wanna play live

  • jason

    when downloading from the marketplace it doesnt give the option to save to a usb flash drive

  • steven

    updated fine and all but now when i turn it on my 360 works fine for about 10 seconds then everything gets all pixled out….microsoft is just terrible! thats why sony is king.

  • Ravenhold66

    As for me, I updated it yeterday and everything worked. But when I started the XBOX today, it asked me to update. I allowed it, but instead of updating, it restarted and asked me again to update. Everytime, I click on OK, the console quickly downloads and restarts and repeats the game. I'm kinda clueless since I can't go only until I update it.

  • nspirenetwork

    I can't even start a lobby or join a lobby in Left4DEad 2 or Super Street Fighter 4. I did the beta for the dashboard. It was working great at that time. Now, nothing works for me.

  • brandon

    Last night I was using Netflix and everything worked fine. Now as of today I keep getting an error message saying A secure connection between my TV and console has been lost. It won't load any movies, but I worked fine last night and before. PLEASE HELP!

  • Reddust

    The update downloaded first time but now my controller keeps disconnecting and on the my friends page I cant see what games people are playing.anyone else getting this????

  • Burning_Cheese

    Hi I'm wondering can you install another way? such as downloading the update on a usb and having the 360 boot from there? or does my 360 have to be online

    Thank you

  • Anthony

    I have had a xbox since it came out, i have learned to hate them since my xbox broke 6 times and got a new one that broke 2 times and all because of the stupid RROD and E74, and now this update just makes me wanna throw this piece of crap machine away

  • Staardus

    Hey i have no idea why is it taking so long for me to go into storage devices…. any help?

  • Anthony

    I got this too and its been on white screen and it took about 20 mintues to download bec its the first time using new dashboard and that they have to unintall the old dashboard and install the new one. just like a PC computer so it takes time

  • S C

    I'm having a problem with going to the dashboard disconnecting me from xbox live

  • perilousline

    they said that i didnt have xbox live then to go conect and when i did connect they say that i have a connection problem

  • Drewizio

    I'm having all sorts of problems since applying the new update. System has frozen five times in the last hour. Everything is taking forever to load, (netflix, espn, downloads). The new tabs are way worse than the old ones. It takes forever to get to the tab you want. The new search function on netflix is cool, but the rest is terrible.

  • Mike

    Totally Sux.

    Tried 10 times to download.

  • Anus

    I had this problem I tried every half hour then on the second time worked a treat

  • noel

    doe's this new update install Zune Video and Music player or can it be canceled because i like the basic player… if i does eff it, i'll go without

  • guest

    It didn't work the first time so I turned it off then turned it on and it worked fine… stupid.

  • zkydash8

    Same thing happening to me, "Connection Problem"… ugh….

  • jtc2112

    im having the problem, at first connection problem, now it sticks on installing update. THIS SUCKS

  • bettybigballs

    I have had to re-install Zune, Sky player and now for some reason I cannot play command and conquer Kanes wrath, which I was playing yesterday without issue, anyone else having to re-install?

  • Eman4show95

    I tried updating once, but it claimed i had a conection problem. but i did it again and it worked fine! looks beautiful, more advanced and computer like.

  • thomas

    yeah just restart ur xbox its workin for me

  • cANAL

    First time it failed on the second screen (white) came up with error code.
    From then on it would fail in the first screen with no error code. Did this 10 times.Cold boot of xbox and it worked first time.

  • Brett

    I download it and everything and then when it's preparing the update it says it can't process it or something.

  • Alex The Great

    just turned my xboxie on and saw this. thought id google it. im on the white screen and its taking its time.

  • marc

    Been havin this problem today for hours!!! Still not goin… really starting to do my head in can see why people prefer playstations!!!

  • Doctorflux

    For people having difficulty downloading the update; turn off your console, wait 5 seconds, turn it on, got to test connection, run the update and it should run smoothly. I tried for 2 hours then tried this and it worked. If not there's always the usb/cd manual install:
    download the update there then transfer it to your xbox. GOOD LUCK.

  • I'm halfway through update 3, hoping everything goes smooth, friends list and all.

  • Juggalotus

    I started to download it and it failed so I called up a buddy of mine and he said his failed too but he turned his xbox off n tried it again and it worked so I tried it and it worked for me. I’m on the 3rd update screen right now.

  • Roger

    And yah the loading bar looks extremely plain now…

  • Roger

    Yah I turned my xbox off and back on and it worked! 🙂

  • guest

    yeah, just restart your console, worked first time after that

  • thomas

    i can't download demos or music keep on keep an error (i have updated had no problems) anyone else got this problem the whole internet side seems to be laggy.

  • Ryan P

    I have this problem.
    Really annoying.

    when will it be solved??

  • scott

    ive been sitting her for an hour looking up this problem, not error code page for the error code im getting. the connection from their server is big enough to download this to as many xbl users, since its pretty common for more than enough people to be actually playing. im over paying huge prices for these people, having crap support from microsoft, and to deal with this drama everytime these cons get a stick up their butts for payraises is ridiculous

  • The update isn't even that good, if anything it made it worse. Too much white, not enough AA for the edges, and they GOT RID OF THE FREAKING NEWEST ITEMS SLOT FROM THE FREAKING MARKETPLACE SO YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ONE TAB AT A FREAKING TIME!

  • Chewbacca

    Hey guys, I like turtles!

  • Fresh

    I also can not get the download to finish.

    GamerTag: Freshasimis21

  • lucas

    im downloading it right now ! its done it like 10 times or so, holy sh!t it's annoying. lol

  • Kayley

    i seem to have hadmy whole friends list wiped! this happen to anyone else? =/

    • Hdog

      i had the same problem does anyone know how to get them back also my sky player has stopped working since the update can anyone help?

  • Matt

    i had no problems with the update itself, its just my avatar clothes won't update, it won't update ESPN, and a few other things

    • Matthew M

      My avatar lost everything. All gameplay rewards are gone along with the other crap i bought..

    • sonic2010

      ME EITHER ALL MY AWARDS ARE GONE and i cant get them cause of the stupid update
      my status code:80072EE2 ANYBODY PLZ HELP ME!

  • Ryley

    ive had xbox since it came out never had problems this is really dispointing came home did my homework wanted to play xbox with my friend and this happens

  • josh

    I can confirm this. Same thing happening to me. Glad I'm not the only one.

    GamerTag: FireFox F10

  • Matt

    It won't let me update it at all! 🙁 I can't play online now so this sucks…

    • Alex

      ya not working for me either hopefully its just a problem with the servers

  • josheh

    i find the new loading sign extremely frustrating trying to keep on track with it o.O


      Mine worked fine this morning, my god you guys moan about the smallist thing, get a better connection 2mb broadband by any chance!!

  • FunkinGamer

    Just had the same issue, when the update option appears, select no dont update, you'll be signed out of xbox live. Then select My Xbox and sign in to xbox live, this prompts the update again which worked.

    • john

      i update my xbox360 wth the new kninect dashboard now i cant paly any game on it