New Xbox 360 Dashboard: No Download / Install Problems

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that Microsoft has now launched the new dashboard for the Xbox 360, we have heard no reports of download / install problems, however some people are not impressed by the new look.

Love or hate Microsoft you have to praise them for a well rolled-out update, I have trawled around the web for problems associated with the new update and I have found next to nothing, which is especially good given that a certain competing console manufacturer seems to brick a small percentage of consoles with every firmware update they release.

The only minor problems I found were related to downloading ESPN and poor frames per second with Netflix since installing the update, have you experienced any problems with the update? If so, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • J E_walsh

    yes i am having a huge f***** problem, i try to connect to live, and when i do it says the terms of use/service have changed, so it then pops up the screen where i can either “view terms” or “cancel” , of course i view the terms and WOW not to my surprise, it doesnt do anything. it does that stupid little white lines going in circles , then it boots me back to the first screen where it ask me to either view terms or cancel. it wont load the terms, which is keeping me out of live, i tried everything, was on the phone for 3 days in a row trying to find oujt what i can do, and again not to my surprise, the friggin xbox ppl dont even know whats going on????? we did everything from clearing catch, to reinstalling updates from flash drive and cd disk… please help anyone, cuz im getting ready to scream lol thanks here is my email, let me know what i can do. thanks

  • im f off

    cant update Black ops or assassins creed brotherhood WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Console Agnostic

    Congrats, Jamie Pert. Ur a tool.

  • Mary

    Old version XBOX–downloaded fine. System shutoff now have RRD. Any suggestions as the system is out of warranty.

  • Bill

    It won't let me play any game I bought after the update except for Kinect related ones..

  • creepy

    Update downloaded fine, but now I can't play online. It keeps logging me out when I try. Also can't view Netflix and the update ate all my friends. I called and they said they'll have to investigate and call me back. I asked if this was happening with other customers and they said no. After reading all the comments here I'd say that was bull s***!

  • Skootay

    Don't like the new look! I'm stuck on the ACCEPT/DECLINE screen after failing to download the damn software 3 TIMES! went out left it doing it's stuff came back a the bottom right quarter flashing red!!!
    It's like trading in your old car, paying a load of money and being given an older wreck from a scrap yard… what a waste of time!

  • matt

    My xbox now won't even start COD Modern Warfare 2, It says the disk is unreadable even though its telling me its COD on the dashboard. Update looks like shit too, seems downgraded.

  • Pissedoffgamer

    Where the F#%K did my friends list go?!! Why can I not play my game online? This update really screwed things up.

  • Tom

    I've got a few problems/things I hate about it… For one, all of the boxes/tabs on each screen are way too large now and it makes it hard to look at properly on my huge-assed TV. B) When scrolling through the area where you can look at all of your achievements for each game they now give it a blurred effect when transitioning between games (left and right) and that gives me a fucking headache. And third, in the same section as mentioned above, I don't want to have to look at the stupid "Account Management" and "Online Safety" tabs every time I open this. Fix this shit M$! Like what do you do with all the money we give you? .. just stick it straight up you asses?

  • soulpackage

    Won't load my New Vegas game. Says it no longer exists, or freezes up during load.

  • dodgeflyer

    i cant download it.
    why do they say no download / update problems when there IS download / update problems!

  • PsychoticRage82

    I wonder if I am the only dumbass who got the S console. I tryed the update and now I have error code E 79 and an error message in 30 different F%$#ing languages. aswell as a red dot instead of a green one. Maybe selling my PS3 was a bad idea. Anyone else have the red dot?

    • YoutubeThatShiz

      take your hard drive out and pop it back in.

  • chris

    they should do to bill gates wat they did in the south park movie, mine wont update but my live runs out today n e way, iv got better things to do than be microsofts bitch

  • Shoooter

    Mine froze everytime for 1hr 34 mins, basicly ruining my night on fifa while the woman was out!! eventually worked but only got 1 game in and froze again!! MICROSOFT SUCK

  • Steve

    UK user and it keeps logging me out of live when I connect to zune, plus wont let me update the new software for zune. NO other problems to report but I feel the dashboard looks dated imo.

  • bro

    It won’t let me see any of my friends or let my use the messeging service

  • Dennis

    mine froze right at the end,,,now what do I do??

  • Max

    I had an old model xbox until I downloaded this update. Now I have an expensive footrest. Download at your peril. I wonder how much Microsoft will charge me for its 5th month long journey around the world…

  • Petizef

    Two consoles in the house, same connection, one updated fine the other won't download… Nothing on Microsoft website. Can't play games until the update is done. MS is faster to charge my credit card than look after the clients…

  • Sara

    same problem for me too… won't let me update

  • Led

    Can't download… morons should have forecasted the network demand this would have… Must be running Windows server…

  • I am a BEAST

    I had an issues where it would tell me to check the network connection. Then I removed the HDD and reseated it and then it worked….


    It let me download it, but the marketplace will not let me download anything, and the avatar items will not update. I have also experienced lag in many online games.

  • Nincombob

    Right, I feel as though this update was to render the ‘old’ xbox 360s obsolete. Everyone I know with an old 360 has had problems but those with the new one are fine.

    Problems I noted where:

    1. Crashes unexpectedly

    2. Takes twice as long to load anything

    3. I can’t access any purchased content

    I’ve never once had a problem with my PS3

  • jay

    everything went OK except ESPN but on the third try to download, it did download and works fine. The resolution on ESPN is good but not true HD

  • baggster

    I now have 3 red lights and it wont let me start my xbox! Any ideas please?

    • Max


  • unknown player

    some people try must of us

  • Chris

    Well good job microsoft u bks u just dont know how to make a good console do you

  • Fuck you

    Won’t let me update >:( This is bullshite I really hate micosoft I’m considering just selling my xbox and getting a ps3


    To all people having update issues, try memory maintanace(clear cache) worked for me.

  • JohnM

    It worked okay for me abit slower like the new dashboard and home guide but if they could do a quick update to make it faster and sort out everyones problems so hoping for that

  • Rice

    Takes a few trys to install. I had tryed 3 times failing to download with even restarting the xbox, then I turned off the computer pretty pissed. Somehow a miracle let me download it 10 minutes later when I turned back on my xbox.

    The skin doesn't look that bad as people say, but it wasn't really necessary if just for looks. But I'm sur ethe update had to do with more than that??

  • Ryan

    WHAT THE F IS THIS MICROSOFT. shouldve sticked to my PS3.

  • Horrible Update Guy

    Download the update to a USB flashdrive and connect it to your xbox.

  • XxAccuratexX187

    it wont even let me on live now because of stupid update i keep getting status code or atempting 3 of 3 i just can't win in life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrew

    i can connect but i cant use espn or netflix it just disconnects from live an i haf to reset my xbox to sign back in. an i cant download any of my dlc gg microsoft

  • Ben

    it completed the update, but when i tried to go into netflix it said there was another update. the only problem is that it won't let me download the update and gives me an error message everytime. I can still log in and play games, but no netflix. very disappointed and pretty aggravated.

  • Steve Jobs

    New Looks Old, WTF?? Not Good Microsoft.

  • Johnny

    Haha "Error: Can't download update from Xbox live, please test your connection" Hmm, its full green and open NAT 😀 Nice one xbox! My brothers downloaded first go!

  • Pablo

    I got that problem too everyone, just turn off your xbox and back on and it updated easily.