Microsoft Kinect: Free Demos For Xbox 360

By Peter Chubb - Nov 1, 2010

When you receive your Microsoft Kinect – which has already sold out -, you will not only get the motion-sensing camera and a copy of Kinect Adventures; there will also be a disc that will contain a few demos. So not only will you be able to enjoy all 20 adventures that come with the new Xbox 360 game, but also sample what else is to come.

There are three demos in all: Your Shape: Fitness Evovled, Kinect Joyride and finally, Dance Central. I am not certain which I am scared off the most? The idea of dancing or exercise makes me come out in a hot sweat; now Joyride is something that I can see myself playing.

GamersMint believes that this is a good idea, as there will be those of us who cannot afford to purchase any other games, expect the one that comes with the new add-on. So being able to play some of these demos will help you see just how good the new Kinect system is.

When I first heard that Microsoft were going to launch such a device, I thought that they were mad. However, having seen Kinect in action at the recent Eurogamer Expo 2010, the Xbox 360 has now been given a much-needed shot in the arm.

What game will you be purchasing for Kinect?

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  • JMR-lb

    Well, I had the previous Xbox 360 model and I got the Kinect which included the Adventures, and the demo for Dance Central and Joyride was there, however, my friend, who got the bundle Xbox 360 slim + Kinect, didn't have the demos which is pretty strange. Did MS intentionally exclude the demos from Adventures in an all Xbox+ Kinect bundle, but included them in the "separate" Kinect, I wonder what's the smart reason behind that…

  • robbie

    there is no extra demo disk!!! when you pop in adventures, after if gets done calabrating you on the screen. In sted of clicking the big circle that says "play adventures" use your left had to the bottom left of the screen. Demo's will pop up its stupid the way they are hidden, but they are fun..

  • Rob

    We got our kinect system last week and found that the demos were on the adventure disk,we played the demo of Dance Central and that same night we bought it.We really enjoy the kinect setup-it is a heck of a workout.

  • Val

    Same here Serge, I bought the 250 Gib bundle, not demo disk, just adventure disk…was hoping for a little more with the bundle, but I do the love the kinect..

  • serge

    i have buy my bundle last friday and there is no demo
    disc in the box,only kinect adventure

    • rgeadfwas

      same as you , no demo disc

  • hary

    That's good news, a game and a demo disc included, the more the better.