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Leak Reveals Verizon Samsung Zeal – Specs & Release Date

Earlier today we revealed a leaked Verizon document which showed that the Motorola Citrus would launch on November 11th, now we can confirm that the Samsung Zeal SCH-U750 is coming to the U.S. carrier on the same day.

The Zeal has a strange form-factor, when closed it looks like a clamshell smartphone, however it has a dual hinge which can open up in either landscape or portrait, this is very similar to the Samsung Alias 2.

Specs include a 2.6-inch QVGA display, a 2.0 megapixel camera, a 4-row physical QWERTY keyboard, a microSD card which supports cards of up to 32GB, Bluetooth and a 0.25mm headset jack.

Below we have embedded the leaked document showing the Samsung Zeal, if you click on it you can see a high-resolution version which shows some in-depth information regarding the smartphone.

What will you choose the Samsung Zeal or the Motorola Citrus?

Source: SlashGear


  • Jake

    It's a very nice phone. I got it a few days ago and have no problems with it. Worth itt! Happy customer! Way better than the lg cosmos and other lame phones on the shelf.

  • Jasib

    The only difference I can see is it looks like it has some sort of Facebook integration. Hardware wise, nothing has changed.

  • Mad At Samsung

    I'm a happy Alias 2 owner, and I've loved my phone ever since I got in in May 2009. For someone who only wants to talk and text, you couldn't ask for anything better. But I'm ready for an upgrade so I've been waiting, and waiting, and WAITING for the Alias 3 (Zeal) to come out. I imagined all kinds of improvements; a larger phone, a 3.5mm headphone jack, FLAC audio file support, a 3MP or 4MP camera, etc etc.

    What a friggin' DISAPPOINTMENT this is!!! It's nothing more than a BS relaunch of the Alias 2! Does anyone care to tell me what the point of this is?!?! Why release a clone of a 1.5 year old phone with no technological improvements?? Samsung just lost a lot of my respect.

    When it's officially time for a new phone in January, this lazy, half-assed re-release of outdated technology will NOT be on my list. Samsung really could have made significant improvements with very little thought or effort. But instead they just wiped their butts with an Alias 2 and called it the "Zeal". Boo, Samsung. BOOOOO!!!


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