Latest iPhone Problem: Did Your Alarm Go Off Late?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 1, 2010

When I first heard that iPhone owners were having an issue with their alarm after the DST, I assumed that it was an isolated incident – that was until it happed to me this morning. We now know that this problem is more widespread than first thought.

Luckily I woke up without the aid of my alarm, but I am sure that there are thousands of you who did not and are now running late. The worrying thing is, there is currently no solution for this, as we will have to wait until iOS 4.2.

The best thing to do for now is to set your alarm one-hour earlier than you would normally – but only those who are now on Daylight Savings Time. Unhappy iPhone users are frustrated with Apple not releasing a small update to patch this problem, but why would they when iOS 4.2 is just days – if not weeks away from a general release download? We think this, as Apple is to hold a secret event this week,

However, with the U.S. all set for DST on November 7th, maybe Steve Jobs will force an update for his fellow Americans – we all know how he likes to give them preferential treatment.

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  • Mikkel

    This is incredible. All of the sudden, this happens in Norway, to all iphones. How come they havent fixed this yet. It's not a tiny issue. Iphone has it's charms, but Apple is Hell and Jobs the boss.

  • krystal

    My alarm was going off an hour earlier when set to weekdays so i had been leaving it on one day at a time and having to remember to turn it on each nigh (Very Annoying) – i deleting all alarms, and rebooted (hold main button and on button down unitl apple symbol appears on screen) and it is now working fine. My alarms are going off when i wnat them to! i can now use weekday setting again!

  • Mr P

    I've been late for work a couple times now because of this ridiculous bug!

  • guest

    Just wanted to say that my alarm is going off an hour earlier, Toronto. My immediate thought was the confusion over the DST change, but that would affect the clock as well.

  • Carole

    I'm in Tennessee, and my alarms have been wonky for several days. Always 1 hour EARLY. It just happened again. I set my alarm for 5:45 p.m. so I could nap for 2 hours before class. It went off at 4:45.

  • John Doe

    Strangely, this issue only occurs when the alarm is set in repetitive mode. If a one time alarm is set it will go off at the right time.

  • Adey

    Susie is correct – the alarm is going off an hour late when it should be going off an hour early as the clocks have gone back. My alarm also now goes off at 8am when it should go off at 7am, but that’s actually 9am BST so the bug is over compensating – wherever programmed the clock has got forwards and backwards mixed up. Deleting my alarm and resetting it on my phone doesn’t cure the problem so I now have to have my alarm set for 6am so it goes off at 7am

  • Bob Blakely

    My IPhone 3Gs has been going off an hour early for a couple of days now. VERY annoying! I set it for 6:00am, then at 5:00am when it goes off, I am groggy and trying to figure out why it went off an hour early! BUG!

  • Annoyed

    You have to change the settings to set the alarm for a specific day, not multiple days.

  • Annoyed

    Not just my alarms – recurring calendar entries have been screwed up too. Some entries are now listed an hour earlier than before the UK clock change while other entries still show the correct start time but have an end time one hour earlier than before the change – in other words, many appointments are now 1 hour shorter! Worst is that editing the entry is of no help – only way is to delete and start from scratch. Better off with a bit of paper on my fridge door!!

  • bob

    Got me 2 nights in a row. Just try a different alarm clock. There's loads around with wird features like Sleepy Bank- counts your money while you sleep and still wakes you up on time,

  • guest

    the solution is to check the alarm in everyday mode. test and worked for me.

  • SD

    You have to cancel the alarms, then reboot your phone after you have cancelled them, then re enter the alarms after reboot. All should then be well!

  • All111111

    Fucking garbage useless crap and I paid 400£ for it

  • KyD

    I'm in the US and my alarm went off an hour early today, as well as yesterday.

  • Natalya

    mine went off an hour EARLY!!

  • guest

    I'm in the US and my alarms went off an hour late. Strange.

  • Susie

    My alarm went off an hour late (8am instead of 7am). This can't be because the alarm is working on old time (as suggested in various places) as the clocks went back… If my alarm was going off at 7am old time, this would have been 6am new time, not 8am… Can anyone explain why the bug results in alarm going off an hour later (not earlier??)

  • monkeyman501

    The alarm will work ok if you set time zone to London rather than “Europe, London”

  • Ste

    My alarm refuses to go off altogether if I select Weekdays so unless I turn it off I'll be up at 7am on Saturday & Sunday 🙁

  • Kenn

    Have tested this multiple times today:

    Create an alarm that repeats Every day – works fine
    Create an alarm that repeats on any days that include today (but not every day) – fails

  • Takaharu

    I found the solution – delete the alarm(s) then re-create them.

    • Scott

      Still doesn’t fix it

  • Carl

    It only seems to be a problem is you set the frequency of the alarm – i.e. week days only

    I tried setting my alarm as a one off and it worked correctly – however as soon as I select a particular day for the alarm to go off on it then goes off an hour later than it should

  • Sheri Redue

    This morning i had two alarms set, and both went off an hour early. (I’m in the U.S., and DST is Nov 7th.)

  • Djmel

    This seems to be a bug.

    The best way to get round this is to just delete any alarms you have and re-enter them. Far better than setting them an hour earlier.

    It seems the alarm stores the date from BST although the phone auto updates the alarm doesn't and still thinks it's on BST.

    Simple fix really and not a big issue.

    • Greg Thomas

      I have deleted all the alarms and re-entered them and they still go off an hour late os this is not a fix thats works for all

      • mattyb

        I did exactly that yesterday, re-booted the phone and still had the same problem this morning, please check out your theories before posting as solutions

    • Neil

      Hi, I tried just that but the new alarm also sounds off an hour later than set

  • Ben

    In Melbourne, Australia they go off an hour early….