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iPad 2nd Generation: New Specs Consumers Want

Since the release of the first generation Apple iPad, there has been quite a lot of speculation on what specifications the next generation iPad to launch will have, such as a 7-inch or 9.7-inch screen size and whether or not it is going to be released before Christmas.

According to Adam Frucci from, there appears to be another rumor suggesting that the next version of the iPad will feature dual cameras, with reports of the front-facing camera being supplied by OmniVision.

What features would you like to see on the iPad 2? Some say it would be nice to have a Retina display like the iPhone 4, while others prefer more memory or the option to expand with an SD memory card.


  • D Dibbens

    Additional features to make iPad 2 a killer are:

    +USB is a must either full sie or mini is cool
    + SD card expansion – doubt it happens but would make sense with Camera for portability
    + Print enhancement so all elements can be printed including contacts
    + Dual charging ports for landscape and porttrait docking
    + Larger format version say 12in screen for us oldies
    + Massive battery life
    + Front/Rear solar charging panels as an option like an old calculator
    + Front Flash with Camera – that could be used as a torch. agree do not need rear facing camera in all versions – make it optional
    + Front rather than edge located mini USB
    + Removeable/upgradeable battery
    + Infrared capability so it can be used in home as a remote control for TV, DVD etc

    Hope someone in Apple is listening

  • Chris Denton

    128 GB Memory upgrade

    Retina display


    Additional docking connector

    Front facing camera ( rear camera is not needed, device is too big to use as a point and shoot )

    Kinetic charging

    NFC capable

    IOS 4

    all the other items that Apple has applied for patents on

    This thing could blow competition away with a few upgrades and keep Apple on top for the next decade!

    Mr. Jobs, I’ve got some more ideas…

  • Johnny

    I like to see file management integration.


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