iPad 2 and iPhone 5: When both are not needed?

By Peter Chubb - Nov 1, 2010

2009 has been a great year for Apple, and it is the popularity of the iPad and iPhone 4 that has contributed to good profits. Year-on-year Apple update their iPhone to make it better – some might not agree with the latest version though – and they will now start doing the same with their tablet device. We know that the iPad 2 will come with a camera, but what else will it get and could even hurt sales or replace the iPhone 5?

Before you start to think that I have gone made, just stop and look at how technology has evolved with the cell phone, and how the same could happen with tablet devices? When the first cell phone was released, you could only make a call on it, now we have the smartphone.

These devices allow you to not only make calls, but text, email, surf the web, download videos, music and games. There are also apps that allow you to do a range of things that was once a struggle for a home computer to do – maybe we need to come up with a new name for the smartphone, as it is now so much more than that.

Going back to what I recently mentioned about tablets affecting smartphone sales, you can now make calls on these devices, but not in the traditional sense – but how long will we be making calls using the current cellular network anyway?

Currently the iPad is limited on the calls you can make using VoIP, but this will become more useful once the second-geneartion model from Apple is released, as you will have a front-facing camera, which will take advantage of FaceTime. There have been rumors of a rear camera as well, but not certain if there is actually a need for it. Then again, if the tablet will take over the cell phone, then having one is certainly important.

Making calls on a tablet like the iPad is still limited, but this will become much better in time; using VoIP is perfect while at home and in the office, but not practical while on the move. We can be certain that the likes of Apple, Samsung, Dell, HP etc will offer a number of solutions to allow you to make Voice over IP calls while on the move – and that will be the day that we could see smartphones and tablets blur into each other. There is still a healthy market for both, but how long will it be before we drop the name cell phone, smartphone and tablet, and start to call them mobile devices?

With the iPad 2 and iPhone 5 likely to advance once again, do you see a need to own both devices when many tasks can be done on just one of them? Let us know in the comments.

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  • mdc2233

    I will wait to buy an ipad when I can use it in place of a cell phone.

  • Thomas sutton

    I thought the iPad was meant to be the bridge between laptop and smartphone everyone here is thinking about moving iPad towards smartphone how about going in the outer direction giving iPad more features you might find on an apple MacBook. The one thing I would personally like to see on an iPad is iLife this would work great on a multitouch surface so instead of thinking of iPad as a big iPhone how about thinking of it as a small laptop

  • E Shum

    How about having the iPad with 3G and texting ability and buying a cheap cell phone without data plan to save some money?

  • Daniel

    Neither one will replace the other anytime in the near future. The ipad's bigger screen makes it much better for most uses, but it cannot fit in your pocket. Although it's an option to use it as a phone, the size requires you to either carry it with you or have it in a bag.

  • SLvegas

    Consider an iPad 2 with bluetooth headset connectivity to make phone calls.

  • Damian


    • jay

      haha… caught it too. was hoping someone else already pointed it out.

  • Charlie

    I see Iphone and Ipad (tablet) each has its market and features that can offer and satisfy different niches. For example, it is difficult to surf on internet with Iphone for long hours. However, Ipad (tablet) is at ease. On the other hand, it would be odd and awkward to hold an Ipad (tablet) against a person's face and start talking as a cell phone, or inconvenient to take it out of the pocket to answer or make a call. In this respect, there are rooms for both of them in this information era.

  • kristian barton

    i phone has changed the way i use the internet i can do most things with ease the only problem is the phone its self i had five i phn 3s and this first four is dropping out like never before touch screen is diffrent from old as well ive never changed what the phone is doing via my face so much till i got new phone it would be the best phone in the world if i could have calls connect and reception that lasted .

    • Trevor

      What happened to punctuation / sentences?