iOS Apps: Find The Cheapest Hotels And Flights

By Peter Chubb - Nov 1, 2010

If we were to go back about 15 years, there were only a limited amount of ways to find cheap hotels and flights. However, the pace of technology has made this a much simpler task now, thanks to the introduction of apps, none more so that the iPhone and its range of applications for iOS.

There is a range available to you on the App Store, such as TripAdvisor Hotels Flights Restaurants. This offers so much more than your standard travel app because before you book you can read reviews and view photos before you go ahead and make your booking, which you can also do via this app; more details on iTunes.

Another cool app is KAYAK HD, so you know that this one is for the iPad. This makes finding a flight even easier than on the iPhone, as the largest screen makes it far easier to use when searching. Not only that, you can also view a huge range of hotels in a city where you plan to travel to, as well as read about all what there is to do in that area. The app is free; visit iTunes for more information.

One of the better class apps has to be the British Airways iPhone app. Using this app will allow you to log in to your Executive Club account; from there you will then be able to view your flight details, download your boarding pass and much more. Visit BA for more details.

If you are planning a trip in New York, then the New York Adventure Guide for iPhone will be perfect for you.

What apps do you use for finding cheap hotels and flights?

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