Google Nexus Two: Will you buy on Release Date?

It is fair to say that smartphone lovers are going a bit nuts for the Google Nexus Two despite the fact that it is yet to be officially announced by either Google or manufacturers Samsung who will be building the device.

But that hasn’t stopped a whole collection of details leaking out on the successor to the popular Nexus One. Gizmodo started the bandwagon by claiming that one of their sources had some hands on time with the device, revealing that it looks almost identical in appearance to the Samsung Galaxy S.

Just yesterday, we informed you that an unofficial spec list had leaked for the Nexus Two, which suggested that the device will come equipped with a stock version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread and a 1.2Ghz processor of some sort.

The question is though, are you going to greet the Nexus Two with open arms as soon as it’s launched? It may be the upgrade that Galaxy S owners have dreamed about, even though the Galaxy S is by no means an outdated handset.

The Nexus Two might be a day-one purchase for owners of the Nexus One, but what about everyone else?

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  • Ms_Evette

    I'm with jimh here, stock Android is the way to go. But, I need more info on both specs and price before I'll pull the trigger.

  • Alan

    I own a Nexus One, and if the successor were made by HTC (or even Motorola), I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Sorry but the Galaxy phones are just too flimsy and plasticy for my tastes. Roll on the Nexus 3.

  • jimh

    i already skipped nexus 1 and since then realized I WANT STOCK ANDROID !!! so this time, i'll buy nexus two for sure or whatever name it's gonna take. i don't want just "with google" …. i want "by google" !!!

  • Takara

    Depends. Only if it's coming to Sprint (which it most likely won't.)


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