Google Nexus One vs. Nexus Two: What Specs Are Needed?

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Over the past few days we’ve heard of a fair few Nexus Two rumors. Ranging from a new name (Nexus S) to the fact that it will be branded by Samsung instead. In any case, what kind of specs do you think would warrant the Nexus two’s release?

Although the device is unconfirmed and ‘simply not true‘ according to Samsung, a Gizmodo ‘friend’ apparently got some personal time with the handset. A mock-up image of the Nexus two can be seen below.

Along with the so-called rumors, specs of the device have also surfaced with notable improvements over the first incarnation of the Google handset. Such improvements consist of a front-facing camera and a 4-inch AMOLED display. Wait a second, this sounds like a Samsung Galaxy S, doesn’t it?

The Nexus One also came with Bluetooth 2.0, therefore it would make sense it have the Nexus Two come with Bluetooth 2.1, and have WiFi n. A far superior processor would also have to be on the cards.

The Nexus Two, if rumors do turn out to be true, would also come with the next generation of Android OS — Gingerbread.

But all this could just be for nothing, as Google CEO Eric Schmidt previously said that there was no plans for a Nexus Two device.

As with any smartphone rumors, there are always conflicting reports, and we prefer to sit on the fence and take each bit of information as truesay until proven otherwise. So regardless of rumors, what specs do you think could spice up the Nexus Two?

Does Wifi n, Bluetooth 2.1, A front facing camera and Gingerbread cut the mustard? What would you include to make the Nexus Two (Nexus S) a superior successor? Remember all those fingerprint problems? Just saying…

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  • Erstam

    Faster processor. 8+ gb internal storage. 4in+ screen. Ffc. Physical keyboard!

  • Duncan

    If it has the same GPS problem as the Galaxy S variants you can count me out.

  • Jarques

    substantially better battery life!

  • Andrew

    Flash camera minimum 5mp

    • Ravi

      Flash camera yes but 8 MP as the current Galaxy S has 5 MP

  • Joey

    More internal storage

    Hdmi video out

  • Fred

    More internal storage
    Faster processor
    Not that ugly form factor shown above

  • Ravi

    Dual core Orion processor @ 1.5GHz