F1 2010: PS3 Patch Update is Live – Problems Fixed after Download?

By Alan Ng - Nov 1, 2010

We have some good news for those of you who have the PS3 version of Codemaster’s F1 2010, as the company has now announced that the long awaited patch update for the game is now live.

As reported from VG247, the patch update should be available the next time you boot the game up, and it will fix most of the crippling bugs which have been frustrating users ever since it’s release a few weeks ago.

Aside from the general bug fixes, the patch update will address the main problem involving corrupt game saves which in some cases freeze up the game completely.

Codemasters has not released a change log with the recent update, probably since they don’t need to. An old forum post details all the information which informs you what will be fixed in this update.

Install it now and let us know how your game handles afterwards.

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  • Chris

    If my ps3 is unable to connect to the internet….can i get the patch with my laptop and use a flash card via usb? anyone help?! Thanks!

  • Joe

    Hello! does anybody knows if I can create 2 different profiles?

    • Joshua

      On PS3 the only thing you can do is create another user, enter the game and create a new profile. Then you can log in and out of each user for the different profile. There seems to be no other way that I could find.
      On PS3 you can also back up your F1 profile saved file to another user's profile. Just create another user first, call it say 'backup', log back into your original user account go to the F1 game profile and save it across to the 'backup' user. Later you can delete your profile and then log in to the 'backup' and copy the old profile across to your original user identity. This helps when you are undecided on switching teams etc, saving right up to the point where you can go back again and make a better decision or perhaps improve your race form for a title win.
      The game seems to have a lot of missing elements but still very enjoyable. One thing that I find strange is that the game no longer supports 'sixaxis' so you are back to the thumbsticks rather than turning the PS3 controller like a steering wheel. in the 2006 game, after some practice I found the sixaxis brilliant way to steer and found it added far more to the game.

  • Thomas

    The game froze up completely for me. Now it freezes whilst loading so I can't even get into the game. Hopefully the patch will fix that. Did anyone else have the same problem? I just pray that I dont need to restart my career, Just finished Suzuka… 🙁

  • MoNercy

    Among the list of changes CM wanted to make was for backmarkers to move out of your way in more obvious ways and not crash into you. I realise that Hockenheim is a narrow track but holy hell, I spun out twice trying to overtake Trulli in the rain. There's no indication that lapped cars even try to move off the racing line, which is what they should be doing, instead of just slowing down randomly when you drive up right behind them.

    Other than that, the pit stop issues are over. All AI racers use both sets of rubber and the results aren't at all ruined by someone like Liuzzi finishing on the podium because he "forgot" to pit. Wet conditions are now slightly harder to drive in overall and there is now a clearer distinction between when intermediates or wets should be used. First lap timing issues are resolved, every racers lap time starts ticking as soon as the lights go out, not when they pass the start/finish line. Times throughout the race are now displayed as split times, not as comparisons of most recent lap times, which provides a much better gauge of how you're actually doing in the race.

  • Michael

    Still love this game, live in the USA had just one corrupt data file sucks. Just moved don’t have Internet kinda nervous hope it doesn’t get corrupt again pretty far now I’m at Budapest.

    • brendan

      codemasters said the only way u get corrupt files is if u save after u complete r&d before u qualify, i'm pretty sure thats what they said, hope that helps!

  • steve

    when im in the pit during either practice, quali or before race my pit man repeats one particular saying after every other comment! keeps saying 'did better than expected in the last race looking for a repeat performance this time'!?! no prob but annoying after a bit!

  • diogo

    how to download it? anyone please?

    • fred

      autodown loads and installs when you put the f1 game in.. like every other frigging patch for a game u play on the ps3

      • Strawbs

        So even if your not online Fred ????? wow thats incredible, didnt realise that game disc's had built in WI FI, thats truelly amazing. Just put the disk in and it magicaly appears.

        • Mediator

          What a dumb comment Strawbs, your attempt at sarcasm only made you look more stupid. Anyone who has a PS3 with internet connection will probably have auto login and therefore the patch will automatically download when you put the F1 game in, Fred harly had to specify this as anyone who didnt know should give up the right to own a PS3.

        • URwrong

          Your the dumb shit "Mediator"… "Anybody who has a PS3 with internet connection"…strawbs is clearly pointing out the fact that not everybody has an internet connection and cant download the patch that way you complete tossbag.

        • Mediator

          My how very eloquently put, you must be an oxford graduate??? I’ll ignore the incorrectly put “your” instead of “you’re” (which is the correct way of abbreviating “you are” or U R as you put in your name… I assume you were struggling with the spelling!)
          Anyway, I express my most sincere apologies and retract my previous statement if this is the case, although I must admit the initial detail in the query is not particularly clear, so we’ll have to agree to disagree in this situation. Thanks again for your concern and expressing YOUR views. (Please note the correct “your” usage)

          Kind Regards


  • brendan

    downloaded yesterday and found a couple new problems: my team mate li grassi appeared stationary in the middle of the track and i drove right through him twice in a pratice session, also when picking your tyres in the garage it can show the wrong tyres e. picked softs shows hard tyres but when u go on track its back to the way its supposed to be e.g picked softs and softs are on. not major problems. by the way im not sure how many problems its fixed (i never had a corrupt save file) and i havent played enough races to be sure the ai not pitting but leaving the pits when pitted is alot quicker now!

    • Knut

      Did you have to do anything to get the patch ? When in the game loading sequence do you get the question. I am in the USA, but have a European PS3 and my PSN account is Norwegian. Do you know if that poses any problems ?

      • brendan

        it should prompt u when u start up the update has been out for a couple of days now, just so u know my ps3 is english and goes through an italien internet connection, long story, satelite broadband, (i live in england)