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Election Day 2010: Google Maps and Where To Vote Tuesday

Tomorrow is Tuesday November 1, 2010, and will be the midterm elections. There is just one day until the polls open, so why not find out where to vote now by using Google Maps. It has never been easier to cast your vote, and those of you who worry about not being able to find were you can vote, then Google Labs makes it easier for you.

Over the years technology has become an important part of election results, but when it comes to counting them – nothing seems to replace the human counting system. You can be certain now that you will see the candidates doing the rounds, which is the most they do all year.

Back to the Google Election Center page, you will find a huge search bar. All you have to do is enter your full home address where you are registered to vote, making certain that you enter your city and state. Then all the details will be shown up for you – you cannot get any simpler than that?

We will take a look at other forms of technology used for elections in a later post; such as apps for your smartphone. Remember this is the final election push, so listen to what the candidates have to say before casting your vote.



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