Daylight Saving Time 2010: New iPhone App – SpringAhead

By Jamie Pert - Nov 1, 2010

Do you often forget to change your clocks during Daylight Saving Times? If so, you should check out the SpringAhead app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, this should remind you to switch your clocks.

Europeans had to change their clocks on Sunday 20th October, some people claimed that their iPhone did not automatically change the time, therefore their alarms went off an hour late, therefore SpringAhead could be well-worth installing.

The app costs $1.99 and can be found on the iTunes Store here, once installed you can load the app tap on or type in your country and then see the time and date of daylight saving times in your area, also it integrates with email, Facebook and Twitter, so you can share the information with your friends and family.

If you are interested the app tells you exactly why daylight saving time occurs and also read some interesting facts about what it can affect, check out the source link below for more information.

Source: I4U

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  • dude

    My Tag Heuer watch didn't update automatically either … WTF … I had to wind it manually this morning … someone write an article, I'm outraged! I want a product recall!

    Someone, is anyone listening?!??!?!??! Product recall!

    Give me a break.