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BlackBerry Bold 9780 vs. iPhone 4: Specs Compared

If you have been torn between buying the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the Apple iPhone 4 you might find this article pretty useful, here we will compare their specifications, weight and dimensions.

Let’s start with performance hardware and storage, the iPhone 4 features a 1GHz A4 processor, 512MB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of storage, whereas the Bold 9780 features a 624 MHz processor, 528 MB RAM and 2GB or storage as standard, however you can replace the 2GB microSD card with a card of up to 32GB.

In terms of design these smartphones are two completely different devices, the iPhone 4 is aimed towards home users with its 3.5-inch touchscreen retina display which supports a resolution of 960×640 and virtual QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 can cater for home users, however is also a great for business use, because of this it features a physical QWERTY keyboard and a 2.44-inch display supporting a resolution of 480×360.

The Bold 9780 measures in at 114mm x 66mm x 15 mm and weights 136 grams, as for the iPhone 4 it is 115.2mm long, 58.6mm wide, 9.3mm thick and weighs 137 grams, as you can see there is not a lot in it, however the 9780’s physical QWERTY keyboard probably is the reason for it being thicker and wider than the iPhone 4.

Both the iPhone 4 and Bold 9780 have a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, they both have auto-focus and an LED flash, however the iPhone 4 probably has the edge as it can record video at 720p.

In terms of connectivity things are very similar, the Bold 9780 features WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G HSPDA, the iPhone 4 is superior as it features WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, HSDPA and HSUPA.

Things are also pretty similar in terms of battery life, the iPhone 4 is said to offer 300 hours of standby time and 7 hours of talk time, whereas the Bold 9780 features 408 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talk time.

To be honest with you the iPhone 4 wins this spec comparison thanks to its huge touchscreen display, faster CPU speed, high screen resolution, WiFi n connectivity and superior talk time from a single charge, however we have to remember that at heart the Bold 9780 is an enterprise-centric device which also offers some great multimedia functionality.

You can find our more about the BlackBerry Bold 9780 specs here and the iPhone 4 specs here, which will you choose?



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