BlackBerry Bold 9780 vs. iPhone 4: Specs Compared

By Jamie Pert - Mar 8, 2011

If you have been torn between buying the BlackBerry Bold 9780 and the Apple iPhone 4 you might find this article pretty useful, here we will compare their specifications, weight and dimensions.

Let’s start with performance hardware and storage, the iPhone 4 features a 1GHz A4 processor, 512MB of RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of storage, whereas the Bold 9780 features a 624 MHz processor, 528 MB RAM and 2GB or storage as standard, however you can replace the 2GB microSD card with a card of up to 32GB.

In terms of design these smartphones are two completely different devices, the iPhone 4 is aimed towards home users with its 3.5-inch touchscreen retina display which supports a resolution of 960×640 and virtual QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 can cater for home users, however is also a great for business use, because of this it features a physical QWERTY keyboard and a 2.44-inch display supporting a resolution of 480×360.

The Bold 9780 measures in at 114mm x 66mm x 15 mm and weights 136 grams, as for the iPhone 4 it is 115.2mm long, 58.6mm wide, 9.3mm thick and weighs 137 grams, as you can see there is not a lot in it, however the 9780’s physical QWERTY keyboard probably is the reason for it being thicker and wider than the iPhone 4.

Both the iPhone 4 and Bold 9780 have a 5 megapixel rear-facing camera, they both have auto-focus and an LED flash, however the iPhone 4 probably has the edge as it can record video at 720p.

In terms of connectivity things are very similar, the Bold 9780 features WiFi b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G HSPDA, the iPhone 4 is superior as it features WiFi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, HSDPA and HSUPA.

Things are also pretty similar in terms of battery life, the iPhone 4 is said to offer 300 hours of standby time and 7 hours of talk time, whereas the Bold 9780 features 408 hours of standby time and 6 hours of talk time.

To be honest with you the iPhone 4 wins this spec comparison thanks to its huge touchscreen display, faster CPU speed, high screen resolution, WiFi n connectivity and superior talk time from a single charge, however we have to remember that at heart the Bold 9780 is an enterprise-centric device which also offers some great multimedia functionality.

You can find our more about the BlackBerry Bold 9780 specs here and the iPhone 4 specs here, which will you choose?

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  • I’m not a businessman (…yet), I’m a young man and college student so I’ll go for the iPhone 4… I do not think I’m the target audience for this BB 9780

  • Ozan

    Guys, what should i do. I am thinking about switching my iphone 4 for a BBB9780. How are the vibration and the speakers on a 9780 ? Please reply


    The only good thing on the blackberry is free internet browsing but the iphone 4 is the next generation if you have a choice to choose between the 2 phone and you pick the 9780 bold blackberry then you are a F..king stupid





  • Jayden

    idk what to do i have a iphone 3gs and im thinking about switching too blackberry bold 9780 cause if i got the iphone 4 id be scard too drop it. so idk i really dont play games or anythiing. but i listen too alot of music.. any sugestions???????????????????????????????

    • nodnarB

      All you do is get the bold but then also get an sd card upgrade to like 16 gb. Go to costco if you live in ontario, rogers has the best deal. I went yesterday to get a new plan and for a 3year plan, you get the black berry bold for 49.99, however, since it's costco, they also have a deal that if you get the bold on rogers, they give you 75 dollars in costco gift cards. You can use this $75 to pay for pretty much both the phone and activation (there might be 10 or so dollars you'd have to pay for the difference)

  • xheku

    how to use the edge to the blackberry bold 9780,


  • emma

    i like the i phone 4 but my friend thinks that i better for me to get the blackberry blod and i dont know whitch one to get

  • Paul

    I am currently facing this dilemma, what do I want. I would like to thank all of you for the insightful comments. I have a Mac at home, but just a regular run of the mill cellphone. I like the combo idea. I need the BB for work, but would like a " toy" to compliment the home Mac. It sounds like the ipad touch will suffice. Time to go shopping……thanks again.

  • Shane

    Just went from an Iphone to a Bold. Missed my BB so now I a keeping my iphone as a touch. So far it has been a great combo. I missed the keyboard on the BB and since it is mostly for work it was better for me. I think iphones are great but more fun then for business. The battery life was very poor and after emailing all day it was dead. I think the combo of the two will work great for me!!

  • lucy

    the blackberry bold is a great phone. i prefer having an actual keyboard so i like the bold better than the iphone. blackberry always has good, reliable phones. i got mine from for a really great price. i needed it unlocked so i went to and they send my unlock code to me right away. now i can use my bold for any gsm network, I love it. I had at&t but got sick of the crappy service where i live so i switched over to t-mobile. anyways i need my phone for work all the time and it works great. i keep my notes, to-do lists, alarms, reminders, emails, etc, all in my pocket on my cell phone!

  • Jacob

    Like the previous comments its depends on what you want. Just got the 9780 did not go for the torch as for me i found somewhat harder for me text personally and i just don't love it. Its a noticeably faster and smoother browser than the 9700, almost no hangups while switching from one random thing to another, have not gotten the not enough memory message on websites that previous bb's simply could not handle. It simply is a smoother and more fluid os than the previous.

  • Jacob

    Like the previous comments its depends on what you want. Just got the 9780 did not go for the torch as for me i found somewhat harder for me text personally and i just don't love it. Its a noticeably faster and smoother browser than the 9700, almost no hangups while switching from one random thing to another, have not gotten the not enough memory message on websites that previous bb's simply could not handle. It simply is a smoother and more fluid os than the previous.
    I am very satisfied.

  • skiboy

    Yeah, I think this product review was missing what most people pointed out in the comments. iPhone is more of an entertainment device that happens to be a phone the hardware must meet these requirements in order to handle all of the multi-functionality ie movies, iTunes, apps that use the accelerometer in the phone etc..the phone and Internet are just extra. Anyone who has an iPhone also knows that the battery life is pretty terrible, perhaps Apple will fix this in i Phone 5.

  • Nima

    I agree with Kushy. The blackberry 9780 and ipod touch is the ultimate and my combo. I need blackberry to work for me as a mobile. The ipod touch is my music, games and apps.

    I previously had an iphone for 3 years. 1st gen then moved to 3GS when it first came out. I love the iphone it's amazing but it really depends on what you want. For me personally, I love music. I have GB's of music stored at once. With my iphone I felt like I was using it more as a mp3 player and not a phone. I had my headphones in permanently and thus missing a lot of calls.

    I was new to blackberry when I got it a couple weeks ago, but I love it! I was against it at first because there is some kind of blackberry vs iphone war going on amongst some people. Being a mac and owner of iphone for years, I wouldn't dare buy a blackberry.

    If you can't decide, I'd say go with the 9780 and ipod touch. Blackberry doesn't do what iphone does but ipod does minus the extra features but you have them on the blackberry. Blackberry is untouchable as 'mobile phone'. And there you go.

    • Tony Speak

      I just got 9780. Now I miss my ol' Sidekick. Its so simple and friendly. Getting Use to it, battleing if I shoulda got Iphone! Help me!

      • Skiboy

        I was a Side Kick user for 4 years. I knew that keyboard so well I didn't even have to look down. Las year when the server crashed and we lost data I switched to blackberry and I am glad…BBM rocks and I love the keyboard. iPhone has great apps but I can' tdeal with the keyboard.

  • Russ

    I am making the switch from an iPhone 4 to a 9780 this week. Those Angry Birds are keeping me from important work. It's time for my phone/email device to be just that. The iPhone 4 is awesome, however, so I can't say anything bad about it. I couldn't bear to part with it completely, so it shall become my wife's. That way our family will continue to use Artemis for video composition, Navigon for GPS, and many more iPhone-specific apps, as they have truly made our lives easier. Great camera, probably the best performance on a handheld device, unmatched apps, perfect integration into my studio full of Macs and Apple TVs…wait a sec…am I making a huge mistake???

    By the way, once you're using cellular data, playing a game or using an app, using the phone as a phone, with bluetooth turned on, the battery life for the iPhone 4 is pretty short. I have a Torch I use for AIR development and even with everything on it'll outlast the iPhone by a country mile. I'm hoping the 9780 does similarly – the 400+ hours of standby sounds good, and I'm hoping the talk time is pretty decent too. I would actually switch to the Torch, but I don't love it – I want my business phone to be more business-y.

    To sum up, the iPhone is awesome – I'm just hoping the 9780 does the trick for me.

  • Martin

    I am getting rid of my iPhone and going back to the Blackberry, the iPhone's battery is poor (I use a 3GS) I have an iPod and iPad but when out I only want to phone email or text. Looking at either the Torch or the 9780.

    Any feedback on these two phones from others would be helpful

    • hamza

      9780 is much better the torch is big and ugly lol

    • jusman

      I have had the iPhone 4 for 6 months and am also going back to the bold 9780. The iPhone is a pure media device, whereas the Blackberry is an excellent communications device.

      I'll also note that the iOS experience was positive, so I will be buying an ipad 2. But as far as efficient communications, the blackberry is my platform and device of choice in a phone.

  • roger

    going with blackberry, don’t want a phone every kids got

    • Ana

      Im in high school and to be completely honest,the most heard phrase is currently, "Whats your pin, add me on BBM !"

  • Abdul

    blackberry is blackberry.. finally.. i phone 4 is good for people who use phone calls seldomly

  • David

    Can you change the battery in the iphone4? If I wanted to watch videos all day or play games all day I would use an iphone. However, most of my use is business, writing, editing and etc. I can't wait to get the 9780. The trackpad is so smooth and fast, I actually thought I had a touch screen in my hand. Maybe it's me but I like having the option and power of taking care of business in one hand.

  • Kasey

    I travel to Japan regularly and don't want to have my bill soar with downloading app updates yet need to have my email on. Don't want attachments to download unless I chose to do this. Does the 9780 fit the bill? Or does it try to behave like the iphone and download everything?

  • systemuser

    Iphone is a lifestyle mobile and Blackberry is a business mobile. You cannot compare these phones

  • Kushy

    I have the blackberry bold 9780. I also have an iPod touch. I prefer the blackberry for email and texting. I like the physical keyboard. iPod touch Is for fun. I would prefer to wear down the battery on my iPod and still have a full battery on my phone. I like my phone to be a phone not a toy. My iPod touch is for fun. iPhone is cool. But hate how it is glass. Would break that in a day. And for those iPhone users who say ” don’t drop your phone” Give me a break. It happens. I love my blackberry iPod touch combo. Wont change it now.

    • Fridagal

      Yeah I hv tt combo too.. Thou ppl say I’m wasting money when a iPhone does e job of both.. But I still prefer e bb

      • Russel Cowarn

        but you say you prefer having a bb and the touch, the iphone4 obviously provides superior performance with the same playability with one less device. seems like an improvement. battery life will not be that big of a problem.

        • goldy

          hum,i have iPad and i want to bye BB,it is very less difrens between these devices (iphone 4 and BB),and BB battery can change!!And maby iphone can replace that combo (IPod and BB) but dot forget it is only with one battery and when she die from games… no more calls 🙂

  • Kinski

    Im thinking of getting a blackberry…..outlook email integrigation is the best….keyboard is a plus …and i already own an ipad …although the face time features is very tempting

  • Mari


  • nick

    actually, it depends on what you are looking for. if you want to play games, iphone 4 would obviously be a better choice.
    although i would still prefer getting the blackberry, but its features arent as great as the iphone. moreover, i already have an ipod touch. so i dont see any point of getting an iphone 4.
    of course the iphone 4 would seem more trendy. but whatever it is, it still really does depend on what features you want.

  • matt

    you say that you can see that the batt. life is similar. then in the next paragraph say that the iphone has superior talk time. So are they similar or not? (IMO 100 hrs more standby time is not similar so i would say the bb takes the cake.)

    and to say that the iphone wins cause of its touchscreen, thats not relevant since the bold isn’t suppose to have a touch screen!

    Sorry but sloppy review.

    • caloy

      i agree with u matt…it`s not relevant or good to say that even though it`s touch xcreen, it`s better than qwerty

  • Jenga

    I’ve been syncing my iPhone with Exchange for years. Why is Blackberry relevant?