Android 2.2 OS Tablet: UK Gets Samsung Galaxy Tab Today

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 1, 2010

Just last month I spoke about T-Mobile’s US pricing details for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now as reported by Thomas Ricker over at, this tablet is officially available at Carphone Warehouse as from today.

Other retailers that are sure to show stock soon include T-Mobile shops, Dixon’s plus many more, as well as major carriers. The plans available at Carphone Warehouse (at time of writing this article) are from Talk mobile with three options that vary contract length, monthly GB allowance, device cost and monthly amount.

However, if you would prefer it on Vodafone it will cost you £529.99 for a one-month contract that offers a monthly fee from £10 to £25, with usage allowances of 1 to 5GB. One deal on the 3 network has the Samsung Galaxy Tab up for £99.99 with 5GB of data and a 2-year contract at £40 a month.

Do you have a preferred network, if not which deal will you go for?

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