Xbox LIVE: Mandatory update arriving November 1st

By Gary Johnson - Oct 31, 2010

Just a few days before Microsoft launches the Kinect, Xbox 360 owners will have to download an update to the Dashboard for Xbox LIVE. Owners should be receiving a message in their inboxes confirming the news direct from Microsoft.

The fall update has been in a private beta for a while now and will have an improved interface with support for Kinect navigation. Parental controls have also been improved; with Video Kinect chats and Zune Pass music support are also added. An improved Dashboard layout with new colors and fonts are also part of the update.

Gamers will have to download the firmware upgrade or they will not be able to access Xbox LIVE, but offline modes are not affected by not updating. The download is quite big and is estimated by Microsoft to take between five and ten minutes to achieve.

Have you received the email from Microsoft yet?

Source: Electronista

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  • Zimuhn

    I <3 this

  • Reggie

    Guess xbox is about to ban users again just like last year.