COD Black Ops: Zombie Mode, Campaign Gameplay in High Quality

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2010

We have a treat for those of you looking to pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops next month, as some new gameplay videos have emerged from the game, showing off the campaign and zombie modes in high quality.

The videos have surfaced from Dutch site PS3 Sense, and are probably likely to get removed as soon as Activision sees them. If you want a sneak peek of what to expect on November 9th, check make sure you check out the videos asap.

The zombie mode video is particularly interesting, as it gives us a fresh look at Kino Der Toten, including some action from outside of the mansion. We also see one of the new crawler zombies towards the end of the clip, and the inclusion of a purchasable turret machine, which will automatically aim for any zombies that come in range.

Minus one or two new additions, it does look exactly the same as the zombie mode from World at War, which may be a disappointment for those of you looking for a complete revamp. The Kino Der Toten map seems to follow the same formula as the previous zombie maps, which consists of getting the power on, activating switches for the pack-a-punch machine (you can see upgraded ammo options) and surviving dogs after round 5 or 6.

Check out the zombie clip and the single-player campaign videos over at PS3 Sense. Let us know your thoughts on the new action.

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  • The Super Awesome

    I already have black ops and for a hint when you get it you can look around by using the right analog stick and you can get out of the chair by pressing L2 and R2 rapidly and then go to the computer (its at the back) and type [DOA] then press [enter] and ta da, you unlock a new zombie map.

  • bob


  • chunky

    it says the vid was removed???

  • Peter

    Why Robert? Khruschev, John Diefenbaker, and Lester B Pearson would have been better choices

  • grant
  • Andy

    Turrets?!?!?!?!?! OMG I've been waiting so long for those!!!

  • JAckson

    Dude I laughed so hard when the BlackOps Admin wanted to chat XD

    • Chased

      Do u need the hardened edition to get zombies

      • rushandx

        no it come in all you get the bonus maps in hardened

  • Dont

    WTF i can not see the video??__

  • chris

    did you see that crawling zombie at 2:56

  • grant

    oh my god that looks amazing

  • devin

    i watched a video on you tube that had JFK, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon and a secret service agent in the pentagon

    • actually

      the "secret service agent" was actually the secratary of defense at the time

      • rob


  • hiii

    you can see the crawlers. awsome

  • hiii

    you can see the crawlers awsome


    you could watch the full version and better quality on

  • JOHN


  • bennett

    thumbs up if after u watched this you click on portal a day in the life of a turret

    • treyarch owns

      Wow you're lame…. homo.

  • brendan

    SWEEEEET!!!! the dogs look a lot more violent this time!!