COD Black Ops Xbox 360 Leak: Will You Download / Play Online?

By Jamie Pert - Oct 31, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops has now leaked, we thought we would get some feedback from our readers to see if they would download the pirate copy and play it online before the official release date.

This time last year a similar thing happened with Modern Warfare 2, however Microsoft responded with a mass console ban targeting those gamers who had played the pirate version online, therefore experts suggest that Microsoft may do the same this time round.

Some people will undoubtedly risk their Xbox 360’s for a few days of early Black Ops gaming, so we thought we would ask you for your opinions on the matter, feel free to use the comments section below to answer the following questions.

Will you download the leaked Black Ops? If so, will you play online before the game’s release date?

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  • jaoksim

    rofl hell yeah i would then i would just buy a new kv for 30$ to unban my console so i would be saving money really because i would get the game free and pay 30 to unban my console so i would save like 40$ instead of buyign the game

  • Mario

    I guess people don't realize actually how much work goes into making video games. There are games that should never be priced at $60, but the better the tech the more you pay.Your not playing on a PS1 or SNES anymore. And, these people are cheap bastards. You might as well wait till its out for rent to see if you like it. Besides, If you like the game or not everyone is gonna play it for the online. I got MW2 and never finished the game. $60 bux, if you can't afford that then how do you have a gaming system?

  • anonymous 2

    ive played the game offline but my cousin has bin playing it online for two days now and nothing has happened to his xbox yet.

  • luke

    i got it early and its amazing but my videos were taken down on utube. its a really gd game but 40 quid is money i dnt have atm cos i have to pay for xbl. crimbo might get the hardened if im not banned. going online only when its officially released

  • oskwokwok

    I downloaded the game two days ago. As im not stupid enough to go online with it just yet I have only been able to try the campaign, zombies and split screen matches. The campaigne is pretty good, in my opinion its better than all of the previous ones. The zombies maps are also good with some new guns. One of the maps is where your in the whitehouse defending against zombies. The 3rd zombies map is like an old arcade game and is only good for playing solo. The maps are decent and the perks/guns are great. The thing I like most are the kill streaks and I cant wait to get online. To all of you people saying its not worth risking your xbox well… dont connect to live use a different hard drive and gamertag and how can they know youve been on. Cant wait until it comes out because all of the people who used the download will be used to everything and probably be owning.

  • Nykonic

    No William, if it’s a legit copy, and not a backup, it you won’t be banned. The update infinitiward is putting out on release date of black ops, is just for back up versions. If it officially came in the case and is copywritten and all that, no worries. I was actually worried about that myself since there will always be some store having early releases of the game. I’d suggest waiting to till the day/midnight release of it before you try online, being as the update is mandatory. Achievements and stuff for offline mode prbobaly won’t effect either.

    • Clarence Jackson

      You are such a clown. Do you wear a red bulb nose & have a squirting flower too?

      It's not "copywritten", dumbass – just as it's not copywrite.

      It's copyright, and copyrighted. Go back to your 9th grade geometry class or driver's ed. class and learn something. You will be cleaning toilets if/when you finish high school.

  • element

    bueno pienso que es mejor descargarlo y ver si combiene la compra [or a veces sale cada juego que termina siendo una mierda asi yo ya juego call duty black ops

  • adrian

    I downloaded it on the 30th and burned it on disc. Passed campaign and got to level 20 in zombies. Overall in my opinion, the game is not all that, and I am a big call of duty fan!. So if I were all of you little whining cry babies then I would download it, because truthfully I would certainly not pay $60 for a game that is gonna suck anyways!

  • scott

    well im gettin the proper none copy black ops saturday the 6th so will i be able to play online if its the real game

  • Anonymous 1

    They can hire who ever they want but the game its leaked and they outsmarted everyone by turning off the xboxlive server meaning you can’t even play online so it doesn’t matter either way get facss right!!!

    • Nykonic

      Yep, the servers are offline till release date, that’s how you know the difference between offical copies and back ups lol

  • Ben

    wghat is the website wher i can download it?????

  • kakarot

    I downloaded a week early last year and played all week… made it to 2nd prestige, I did get banned on on launch day and was back up and running that day. I even got to keep my stats and prestige (I was surprised at this). I just finished the campaign… and it is AWESOME, I am not a big fan of trearch… but this is the best to date, even the weapons got a refresh… mp40 still rocks, but it seems to be a slower shooting/sturdier gun. So I was bored and tried to go online right now….. and it says black ops server not available now?!! Anyone else get online, or is it offline until launch day? Pretty smart if you ask me, I also plan to buy it again on launch day… and probably a new xbox… win win for them 😉

    • Anonymous 1

      Yes they out smarted us all so just enjoy zombies and campaign till at least the 8th I don’t think they will turn server on day of release they have to test it itd be.too chaotic the day of release

  • Gazz

    Iv downloaded the game but not ganna play it the day it comes out coz i dont wanna get cort playing it erly like 2 of my mate got ban for playing on line with it when the iso come out lol i will get the original put wanna see what it like b4 i buy

  • geektrail

    £40's a lot to pay for a video game but I like to play it safe and not risk the proverbial Microsoft cock block.

  • Toxicbutt

    If you play it online before its released EVEN with all of you cords unplugged and you on a diffrent account, you will still be flagged for banning because the xbox stores all game data period. Just wait a couple of days and you can play it online for ever. Oh and $60 is alot of money to many people thats why i download.

  • anonm

    Jack is right I'll start buying games when they aint getting retailed at £40+ a pop. Thank christ I downloaded Medal of Honor and never paid for it there was only 5 hours of gameplay!!!

    That being said it was awesome though and I'll grab a cheaper retail copy in a few months.

  • jack

    just downloaded it and i love the game .why wait wen i can get the game free and early !!!!!!

    • Ben

      where at?? the websit??

  • RabidBadger

    I have it downloaded already and have played the first few levels. I will not go online with it as I will wait for the legit copy I have already pre-ordered to do so.

  • Sam

    There are so few companies taking the time to make games that are worth buying, Fallout NV anyone?
    I'll be proud to spend 60$ for game that's worth my money. I will never download a leaked illegal version of a game and I hope those who do will get caught and dealt with.

  • William

    hey ive found a store thats breaking the street date, so i'm getting it legit before the offical release date- if i go online with the game though, is there any chance i might get banned?

  • jack sparrow

    everyone download stop being weak ive pre orderd for ps3 but got a banned 360 and black ops is sick just been playing it i hate M$ for bannin my 360 it wasnt modded at the time i just ended up in some 10th lobbys now its modded and for good reasen download this bitch ill be 15th prestige before you even got this shit jtags are us woopwoop

    • Billy

      Really? what point is there to play then? i loved ranking up on mw2 and then i got into a few 10th lobbies in jan when i was 3rd level 53 and i regret it cuz it made the game suck not being able to unlock anything and play for nothing. I will never do it again and im gonna rank up in black ops legitly

  • Jim Lahey

    Micro$oft did NOT ban users xbox live accounts last year for playing Modern Warefare 2 on a pirate copy early before release date.

    The ban wave that Micro$oft handed out last November was due to them finally sussing out who was running Ixtreme firmware. This firmware was needed to play back up (pirate) games.

    It had nothing to do with an early release of Modern Warfare 2. Micro$oft new that the best time to send out a ban wave was when everybody was wanting to play the new call of duty online. This in return meant that over a million gamers had to purchase new consoles to get online to be able to play MW2 online.

    There is now newer ixtreme fimware available that at present Micro$oft is undectable.

  • footlongschlong

    What if you're downloading to play it early and also buying it?? You are then only in possession of a back-up of your original purchase. Problem solved…

    Won't be going online with it though…

  • callofdutylegend

    wow it costs $120 to pre order at EB cames over here in australia yous are gettin it for a good price and i agree we can all w8 till the 9th its like 8 days away lol

  • anonymous

    I will download to see if its worth buying thats what i do.. I downloaded halo reach then bought it because it wasnt bad wasnt that good either did it with MOH n didnt buy it because it was not good id rather download THEN BUY then waste $70 buying strait up..

  • SuperModder

    Once it leaked as a download today the Treyarch "witchhunt" is over. No way in heck they can catch the THOUSANDS that will have this game in the next 24hrs. The ones hurting will be the idiots that go online with it.

  • person

    You know 60 bucks is not that much money. And 9 days is not that long. So why dont you people wait and pay. I have an idea while you wait for the game work and earn 60 bucks to pay for the game.

  • person

    Pandas Rule

  • BlackOpsFTW

    if anyone downloads this you are one sad @sshole. cant you wait 8 days?

    • bblackkkid

      lol if you could play the game early wouldnt you? 8 days isnt that long to wait. but why have to go to a gamestop and wait for the game when you can be playing it. ?

      • jediste9

        game finished u end up killing JFK. U can pick an xbox up for 40 quid nowadays if i get banned im on again in hours ha ha ha

    • bob

      dude you call those guys sad, but your name is BlackOpsFTW. I'd say your a bit sadder than those guys

  • theonehkd

    yes the leak is legit but they are cracking down the people who have it so be warned. treyarch hired people to investigate any one selling, pirating black ops

  • lefty5794

    i dont care if it has leaked because im not going to download it, i would rather just buy the game and have an actual copy of the game, there is no point downloading it illegally and risk getting caught, £40 isnt alot of money really. i've already preordered the hardened edition

    • Treyarch>IW


    • Dubs22

      i agree its not worth it

    • Mohsen

      You working for this activition guys ? seriously do they sign your paycheck dude ?

  • Why risk £200 for a game you have forever to play in 9 days??

  • sam

    i would not play this thing online not worth the headache and the money to get a new one

  • psychoflame

    yes the leak is legit 🙂

    • Another Failure

      Yes I will play the leaked version… Can not get banned if you do not go online with the xbox playing it. we must prove this is not horrible like MW2 was before paying any money for it. What way is better? We can also communicate the issues with it before others waste their money .. say like, no bots while off of Live? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose? You can already tell Activision has their hands on Treyarch's nuts hard.