Call of Duty: Black Ops – Xbox 360 Version Leaks

By Jamie Pert - Oct 31, 2010

I recently received an anonymous tip off telling me that the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops has now leaked online, apparently it is now available in, however due to the illegal nature of this leak I will not be providing a link.

If you scroll down to the end of this post you can see a screenshot that I was sent showing it listed on, apparently the files are hosted by and total up to a 6.5GB download.

Also we have been sent “proof” confirm that this release is working, we have embedded an image further down showing the game ready play on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

Roughly a year ago the Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2 leaked before its proper release date, a lot of people played it online, however Microsoft then banned lots of consoles from online play, therefore I strongly recommend ignoring this leaked copy and waiting for the game’s official release on November 9th.

Have you downloaded this leak? If so, did it work?

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  • adam

    i have it do i need to buy a legit copy of black ops or wait for it to come out and buy it or can i use hacked copy for live when it comes out?

  • Reyner

    You can't always catch everyone. There are too many people that are doing this. There is just no point in trying to catch every single person more and more people just come in and exploit things. It is the human nature to exploit things.

  • Tadaaaaaa

    Hahahaha ralphy ralphy, you're a funny dude

  • Ralphy

    It works its a great game and I'm not banned everyone who has it should be online playing right now

  • eric

    yea…. well most of the people that download games early realize that if you try to play online before its officially released…. you'll get banned. the people that are already banned from xbox live can play the game no problem.

    and for those that do play before its out… well they are idiots.

  • TP

    It’s wasn’t leaked on warez-bb it was leaked on but that site has been really slow due to all the users trying to acces the blackops leak someone stole the links and reposted them on warez-bb now its all over the net anywhere u can can find illegal downloads u can bet that blackops is there too

  • salada2k

    I wonder if you wanted to identiy all the sorts of ppl who like to fool around, hack games and ruin multiplayer for all, how would you go about identifying those people? What's the quickest and easiest way to root them all out? Lure them into a playing a leaked pre-release so you can yank all their details? It tends to be that type of ppl who will try this stuff..

    • Tamuuli

      Haha! im not a hacker, im just a regular cod fan who pre ordered my black ops and wanna play it early.. doesn't make me a bad person.. have fun waiting a week! (ps i wont be banned cuz im not an idiot 😀 )