Nexus Two: Samsung Galaxy S owners Angry? – Forced to Upgrade?

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2010

We’re sure you’ve heard the big news this week that the Google Nexus Two smartphone is on the way and that it is being manufactured by Samsung, rather than HTC who built the original Nexus One.

However, one worrying aspect of the upcoming device, is that the Nexus Two is meant to be similar in appearance to the Samsung Galaxy S, which is still considered to be a relatively new handset in some parts of the world.

If you are a Galaxy S owner, it may be particularly worrying for you to hear that Samsung are bringing out the Nexus Two, as if it happens, you can bet that the company will throw all their weight behind the Nexus Two in making sure that it can beat off competition from the likes of Motorola’s Droid devices and Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5.

Don’t forget that most Galaxy S owners (Scandinavian users aside) are yet to receive the official update to Android 2.2 Froyo, and we’d hate to think that the delay is due to Samsung focusing their efforts on the Google Nexus Two. If reports are true about the handset, then Samsung must be delighted to pick up the project after HTC, especially considering how popular the Nexus One was.

So it all comes down to a few vital questions. Are Samsung Galaxy S owners angry at the prospect of spending more money on what is essentially an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S? At least you are guaranteed that it won’t be coming with Android 2.1 out of the box.

Give us your thoughts on this one.

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  • ase69s

    Ironically this already happened with the original Samsung Galaxy (i7500), Samsung philosopy is like this "sell this crap, mantain it only x months or less, sell the next crap…"

    I have the first galaxy and its usable thanks to the dev comunity (Drakaz especially) and its sad that now when you buy an Android phone and you want to have it moreless updated you have to think about which dev comunity will get their interest behind it, because i tell you…you wont want to relay on the bad ones (manufacturers + carriers)

    Best solution for fragmentation (standarize the hardware like the x86 platform and give the updates directly to the users: by means of repositories or windowsupdate style…)

  • Bedwa

    I’m not unhappy. Seeing how close the hardware, the dev community will modify the software to work on the Galaxy S series. I see no issue here. 🙂

  • hardmanb


    No, this is what fragmentation looks like.

  • SirTekaLot

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this sentence? "…you to hear that Samsung are bringing out the Nexus Two…"? "Arrr" the folks that maintain this site pirates; check out the iPhone 5 article as there is a similar error.

  • Mikey Mileos

    I'm very annoyed. Android 3.0 is almost out and Galaxy S owners don't even have 2.2 yet. I'm more annoyed that Samsung might get the contract for the Nexus 2, cause I'm so pissed off about the Galaxy S debacle that I wanted to switch from Samsung to a native Android, but alas…

    • Chris

      are you able to make calls?

  • Thor

    Welcome to Android. This is what open looks like?

    • Phil

      Yes this is what open looks like….rapidly increasing technology and features. Who doesn't welcome that to stale 1 year releases that offer almost nothing new? I look forward to the phones that will be leaps and bounds beyond my Incredible when my 2 years is up. They are already beating it so they will be just that much better then. I guess some other following just like to waste money on the same thing year after year with little improvement just to feel like they have the latest. Buy they are only fooling themselves as within a month an Android device comes along and tops them. To be honest they aren't even catching up now v

  • joel

    I think you are directing you’re anger at the wrong people. The reason the updates aren’t reaching your phones… the carriers ATT, verizion, sprint. Google releases the is to the carriers and its up to them. I have the nexus 1. After seeing what carriers did with their phones, I’m happy I bought it. And btw the nexus 1 was thought to be a failure at the time it was sold due the to the amount sold compared to others.

  • Rod

    If the specs of the nexus 2 are simply a higher clocked version of the hummingbird processor and the ready of the internals are identical to the i 9000 galaxy s then I would welcome it because that would make having a completely stock version of android have a higher chance of getting onto the other galaxy s phones, because since the os is open someone on the xda forum will get it grab the rom reverse engineer it and adapt it to the related galaxy s family, which its giving the xda devs a little bit of trouble.

  • stndspec

    really should be "beat -out- the competition.." and fwiw I'm stoked cuz the biggest reason i haven't been stoked for a samsung so far was that I want a phone designed with stock android in mind. Think I've found the phone I've been waiting for and it'll have both a good looking screen and better than average camera coming from Sam.

  • iottmco

    Go and install one of the many Froyo alternative firmwares for the Galaxys that are significantly better than what Samsung releases!

    • John

      Where does one get that software?

  • Ima Gest

    Google's Nexus One wasn't all -that- popular… if so Google wouldn't have stopped selling it to regular customers in the US, relegating it to a phone purchasable by Google developers only…

    • Beau

      Actually, it was only due to Google choosing to make the Nexus available online and separate from any specific carrier, aside from the small deal with T-Mobile. The Nexus is actually highly regarded, STILL TODAY, as one of the better phones on the market. Handsets coming out today can’t even top the N1. The only thing it lacks is a front facing camera which isn’t that big of a deal to most users. Love this phone, would and could blow away any device out there.

  • Earp

    This article is a waste of space. So, Samsung are making a new phone? That might be better than the old one? OH NO!!! HOW WILL WE ALL COPE!

    • Guest

      You got that right

  • Blade Runner

    Let me know when we get Nexus 6. Yawn.

  • Yoshi

    The phone you bought today was out of style yesterday. Welcome to tomorrow. Too bad you didn't pay more attention to the day before yesterday.

  • Tom

    I am not angry. Technology changes all the time. It is expected to see many frequent changes. It affects tvs, computers, mobile hand sets, etc.

  • Harry Barracuda

    Samsung have already irritated Spica customers by leaving them in the wind as far as Froyo is concerned. I'm not even going to consider upgrading to a Galaxy S, so they can swing on this one as far as I'm concerned.

    Samsung's contempt for their customers is evident.

  • tukm

    no. technology gets outdated all the time. tough luck.