New Verizon Phone List For November Via Rebate Form

By Peter Chubb - Oct 30, 2010

There are two reasons to get excited with this latest carrier rebate reveal from Verizon, the first is what offers we will get to see in November, and the second is we usually see one or two new phones – this latest is no different.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget has not only noticed a few good deals but also new handsets coming from LG, Motorola, and Samsung. There are two Droid 2 Global SKUs showing up, so one could be a worldwide version minus a camera?

The Samsung Continuum is there, we already know that this will be a Galaxy S handset, now we can tell you that there will be a $100 rebate to go with it. However, the most interesting thing to come from this Verizon rebate list is another two handsets that we do not know about.

The first is the LG Cosmos Touch; this will be the successor to the Cosmos and might even offer a touchscreen. Then there is the Samsung Zeal; we have no details on this apart from the $50 rebate that it will receive.

We can also see the Motorola the WX445 Citrus in there as well, but the handset that will excite people the most is the appearance of the Palm Pre 2 from HP. We cannot wait to see how the new webOS 2 runs on this new handset.

What handset will you be looking forward to the most from the rebate list, which you can view for yourself at Engadget?

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