Internet Explorer 9 Beta: 10 million downloads so far

By Gary Johnson - Oct 30, 2010

It has been revealed by Microsoft that there has been ten million downloads so far of Internet Explorer 9 since it was first released. This followed the Beta getting downloaded two million times in just the first two days of launch.

As with many Beta downloads there have been problems reported from users with IE9. Microsoft also revealed that research showed that users only use twelve features found in a browser regularly. This led to the less cluttered feel to the IE9 interface, and has a similar look of the Windows 7 OS where users see a page’s content first.

The company said “We are particularly excited about developer reaction and feedback to IE9 Beta, with 37 million pages views of our Test Drive site and 13,000 pieces of feedback submitted,” and also said that IE9 is “on track to be our fastest adopted browser ever.”

Have you downloaded IE9? What do you think of it?

Source: PCWorld.

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  • Erik

    Have to say is not good…

    Looks really nice, dont get me wrong…

    But for me it is very very very unresponsive, loads pages really quick but doesnt let me click on anything for like 10-15 secs if the page has a lot of flash/java/etc…

    Then you you click on something and takes like 5 secs to respond to the click… loads a page in like 1 sec but then gotta wait another 10+ secs for the page to be responsive.

  • joe


  • bob


    • billy


  • Cassandra

    Thanks for writing about IE9 beta. The focus of the browser is really to bring users closer to the websites they visit. Also, with the ability to pin sites to the taskbar and full hardware acceleration, web pages feel more like applications. If you haven't yet pinned sites to the taskbar, I recommend giving it a try 🙂 –

    For the latest and greatest information about IE9, follow us at

    IE Outreach Team

  • The Dude 61636

    i didn't download it because i think it SUCKS i rather use fire fox or chrome