Fable 3 Xbox 360: User Reviews After Release

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2010

After having a having almost a week to get to grips with the latest addition to the Fable franchise, what are your overall thoughts on Fable III? Is it money well spent or do you wish you never bought it?

The ‘official’ reviews for the game were pretty good, although you can argue that it is the gamer’s true opinions which matter the most. We’ve been doing these ‘user review’ threads for a while now, and Fable III is another game to get the same treatment.

We know that some of you have been having problems with the game as detailed in our lengthy issues thread, but it looks like the majority of you are loving the game.

As a user who has already put countless hours into your campaign, are you still addicted to it, or are things starting to get a little boring for you? Leave us a few lines with your general impressions on the game.

Is Fable III worth it?

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  • brad cobbler

    its 2 damn short.

  • Rock

    I liked Fable 3 however, after the main story there isn't really too much to do: no more judgements etc…

    Also, why do people say: "I beat the game"? How do you beat a game? You don't beat anything…You complete the game.

  • BlueSteel

    Good game but very short it didnt have the same feel as 2 as mentioned before you didnt feel apart of the story the way you did in 1 and 2 but that could be down to the shortness of the game, and i also agree about the items weapons and clothes not enough at all, the game seems too set in stone and its lost its RPG-ness lol. I love all the fables and i hate sayin this but its true….. rushed game i would have waited another 5 years for somethin amazing if it came to it lol

  • Ben

    I think it that the makers made us all excited and then let us down. Fable 3 has thhe best storyline but also the shortest, I like the more action but the said the whole touch thing was going to be used allot but I only used a couple of times. I dod sort of rush the game and now I’m doing the side quests, when I realised that the game had ended I was very dissapointed because this was the present I wanted the most for Christmas. There is one way lionhead can redeem them selves, make an amazing DLC(1600 ms points 1) that continues the story and maybe gives you more choices, understone took me 10 minutes but if or when they make a DLC like that maybe it could answer some unanswerd questions and I really hope they do. Plus at the end thresa says the futre will reveale it’s self, meaning that maybe there will be a return, plus if anyone can answer this what happened to rookridge, westcliff and bloodstone? Sorry about any incorrect spelling

  • Abi

    Meh, I was going to get it for Christmas, but I rented it at blockbuster. Just to see what it was like. I rented it for a week. I didn't expect the game to be so easy. Due to that. I completed it in a day. And im quite miffed off now. But, I haven't had any glitches yet. AND.. Reaver is also in it, there the good points of the game. Reaver.<3 <3 <3. BUT.. After the attack, there is no fucking people for days, more then days really. Shops are closed, streets are empty, quite boring really. :/

  • Juanny

    – My wife loves watching me play the Fable series. The graphics are great, the music is great and the dialogue is funny. The world is very interesting to explore. Any game that your wife encourages you to buy is a winner.

    -Combat. Easy to grasp. Fun to watch, I like the slow-mo moves and the kill moves.

    -Incorporates a lot of different things, relationships, real estate, business ownership.

    -Sanctuary. I liked the map a lot, but would have been nice to be more interactive. Still, a very good addition.


    -Too short. I also found the game too short. The only thing that extended my "hours played" was leaving the game on in the Sanctuary while my money flowed in from rent and shops to pay for the troops. I was able to make every "good" choice in the throne room and still easily make more than enough money to cover the 6.5 million needed to save everyone.

    -Combat. As others mentioned, it was too easy to get too good. Magic was WAY too powerful. I found myself simply holding down B for area effect magic with Shock+Fireball until it maxed out and POOF everyone dies.

    -Not enough micro control of real estate and shops. It would have been much more fun to be able to control more aspects of the shops and house you own other than just rent and price (ie: what items were stocked, etc).

    -Relationships were too simplified. I could make someone love me in 2 minutes.

    -Shop goods selection was too minimal. I wasn't a fan of the "goods for sale on a pedestal" thing. It would have been much better to have a list interface with more selection of goods.

    -Don't really need to use food or potions. Food played zero roll in my gameplay and potions were virtually unnecessary. Also, I didn't understand the weight scale in the hero attributes. Why does the right side (which is green) represent overweight?

    -Weapon selection. I ended up using 3 weapons the whole game. Bonesmasher, the Hero Sword and one other sword (can't remember what it's called). BORING

    -Didn't give any sense of how long your "year" actually was. As many people mentioned, you essentially go from 121 days, to 1 day.

    – Climax was, well, anti-climactic. The final battle took all of five minutes.


    I was let down by this game. Perhaps I was hoping for too much. I wasn't thrilled with the interactions, the first time you see your male Hero dance with a man it's kind of funny, but then it just gets boring and repetitive. It would have been nice if it were actually a decent length. Even with all the killing time while waiting to amass my fortune from rent and shop profits, it still only took me a week of afterwork gameplay to finish. Not good value for my money.

  • Madmurk88

    I noticed a lot of you saying it’s to short and I agree it feels like the shortest in the trilogy but what you need to do is look up the definition of fable and discover that fable means short story.

  • paul

    far too short, far too easy, extremely glitchy and often extremely boring. pretty much fable 2 but without decent places to explore. not impressed.

  • Zach

    i beat then game then restarted got about halway through on my second game the quite and when i came back it loaded my old game and i couldnt load the one i just started very irritating its happend 2 times now

  • patrik

    the best but there are very very problems bugs its the worst in the game im from spain my english is not very good im only just to say that the game have much bugs

  • Irene

    Where to start? Well, let's get the comments pretty much everyone made out of the way:
    1) Way too short.
    2) Rather glitchy
    3) Touch system is not a bad addition but really, did it have to be shoved down our throats so much? And did our character have to move through molasses in several "let's hold hands!" quests? Oh, and if you make such a big deal of the touch thingy and holding hands, perhaps you should make sure you hold hands even uphill or on wide stairs? (Though I maybe should not complain since I could speed up things a little by running on ahead of whoever I was accompanying).
    4) I can't understand how someone could have problem raising money. Even with both me and my husband playing as angel kind of nice and lowering all our rents, without working more than,oh, I don't know, maybe ten minutes tops, long before the second part we had more money than we needed to fill both our treasury and our sanctuary with loads of money. So "tough love" wasn't tough at all
    5) The amount of good swords for nice characters is very limited. IF I play as an evil one I'll be spoilt for choice
    6) The ending was nothing short of stupid and cheesy.
    7) Luck of REAL choices. Do you want to be good or do you want to be bad? Any hard ones? Not if you made loads of money
    I could go on but this is long enough as it is.
    Loved the previous Fable games and I pre-ordered this one. For the next one I think I'll just wait

  • Marty

    A bit of a let down really with all the glitches that this game has. Almost seems that didnt test the game fully before releasing it. Some of the game play left me wanting more like the emotions features and the weapon upgrades. Nice try but didnt really work to for me. Yes the story line was good but with all the other bad points seems maybe they should have really spent more time and money polishing aspects of the game. Sad as there was so much good hipe and i know alot of people that were looking foward to this latest release of the Fabel franchise, only to be let down by a company trying to product out the door

  • mac

    the best part of the fable series was communicating with the people in the game, but in this game there was no option or anything it would just change the options for you, like when you belch, or threaten people, on fable 1 you could choose what you wanted to do. fable 1 gave you that feeling that you were actually in the game, and changing the outcome of the story, but this fable was very upsetting and dissappointing. dont buy this game. if anything rent it, or play it at a friends house or something.

  • Fox

    True this is very Short main quest gameplay, but you have to understand, you can play it through MORE THAN ONE WAY. It is encouraged by the developers.

  • Jess

    Way too short, not very "playable" after the main quest except to finish the small side quests. It would have been nice to be able to PURCHASE lots of stuff with the tons of money you can earn at the end. It makes being rich boring. There aren't many potions (more than 2), you can't carry more than 2 types of food at a time, can' t hardly modify your character (hair, clothes, makeup) can't extravagantly furnish your homes and as ruler, after the Darkness battle you can't even "rule" anymore! It would be nice to be able to throw people in the dungeon etc. Everytime I walk into a weapons shop the guards are trying to throw me out, its like wait a minute, whos Queen here? I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fable series and was DYING to play it. While it is better than many many games, I was a little disappointed. I'm now hoping Assassins 3 will improve my mood a little.

  • matthew swindell

    the game for me is exelent good stoery line eventhow it cud have been a bit longer.
    the sanctuary brill idea wepon morghe brill thairs only tree thinks i would have liked to seen.
    a room in the sanctuary wer you can see you items it wouldent have to be a masive place.
    i would have liked more custamize items like clothes,hair,makeup and more randomly genarated quests like assasin ore finding criminals that kind off thing.
    and finaly more kingly dutys like seting tax rates closing down factorys randomly genarated like the assasins guild jobs and a dungeon that would have bin owsom.
    p.s fishing or kaching monsters woul have bin good

  • Caroline

    I loved the other Fables and parts of 3 are excellent additions – like hugging the spouse and kids. The demon doors were very creative. I actually had to really battle my way through compared to other people breezing and not dying – not sure what I was doing wrong. I love Aurora and the quests there. Again, the main boss battle let me down, not as bad as 3. But I did wish my "year" was longer and the real estate was so different I couldn't raise money quickly. Playing the lute for 4 years would be how I could raise my $ and save all my people?
    Overall I loved the concept of the choices/consequences, but I actually had some fellow that would tell me to get to the castle for my brother's speech which made me feel rushed and I ended up unprepared and with a whorehouse I didn't really want to build. Morrowind at least told me to go level up, make friends, get better equipment and come back later for it's main quest. 4 stars. Hopefully fantastic dlc coming soon.

  • thisgameislame

    Waaaaay too short!! What's the point of being a ruler, if you only get to rule for 3 days?
    This game is definitely a waste of time (although not too much time).

  • Amber

    I love fable, but there has been so many glitches for and my friends. First off the status' or statistics are all messed up. For example, me and and my boyfriend got married and we thought something messed up, so we divorced and got married again, but then like a day later the stats started saying that he has 4 spouses, 6 marriages, and he has not and it was making him mad, it also says something like that of me as well, that i have 2 currents spouses and i don't, as well as whenever he happens to go in my world it tends to glitch and lag a lot, even to the point where he cannot see his characters legs. Also, i am not a big fan the way the clothes are set up, there are not as many and it's kinda disspointing. Though I must admit that it is a big improvement i just wish all the glitchin and mess ups were gone.

  • logan

    i figured i'd toss in the politically correct aspect to certain parts of the game as well, freeing animals before they are to be cooked, the wife of the chicken farmer who lets the chickens go because they shouldn't be cooped up, SO many decisions in the year before battle that have social implications that could hurt your civilian casualty/finances ie. creating/funding schools, re-opening the orphange/homeless shelter, waste treatment plants (no i'm not kidding, i'm sure they thought about this during the era that the game is set in). too much b.s. went into this game, when fable 2 was just plain amazing

  • Joan

    I love all the fable games but am very annoyed at how easy and short fable 3 was/is i finished it 4 times in less then a week and have became bored to the fact its so dull after i finnised all the quests and it does not let you make any more royal judges etc, after that so called 1 year time frame, even reaver seems like a good person in fable 3 which is not the style he was in fable 2 its like they were not matched to their old charecters same with thresa and her eyes not looking the same i have played (fable the lost chapters) 17 times (fable 2 game of the year edition) 20 times and (fable 3 collectors edition) 4 times so far in difficulty and length fable 1 is the best in style and intrest fable 2 is best but fable 3 seems to be in its own catagory… (dissapoited) "sorry about all bad spelling"

  • Chester

    Horribal let down ive loved the past 2 games but this seems like a rushed glitchy game i shouldnt be able to beat the entire thing in one sit down and be bored of it in a day plus there is no incentive to actually make more then one character so wheres the replay value at all. fable 2 was awesome but come on peter molyneax what where u thinking releasing this early and making such bold statements about the wepons evolving with the character when theyre randomized and theres only three versions anyways:S plus i dont consider two differnt weapon types a decent selection its like hmmm smash ppl or cut them thats it anyways im selling my copy becuase im absoloutly let down and this is the last time ill listen to peter molyneax or any of his games again. Good day

  • y lighten

    very disappointed. fable 2 took me about 10 weeks to complete- this one took 5 days. as someone commented, a year to battle is not a year at all, more like a couple of days. didnt have enough time to furnish any properties, or even buy that many because the game was over before i knew it.

  • Phil

    I totally agree with most of the comments here, I’m a massive fan of the Fable series but this one was a total disappointment to me.

    The sword and gun combat was effectively rendered useless by the fact that the magic was so much more powerful, and when will Lionhead realise that one button combat (and indeed a "stream-lined"/"no list" interface) is not the holy grail of gaming. Some people like a deep and complex combat system, i want to feel a sense of satisfaction when i pull out a classy combat move, not simple have the CPU "decide" when it feels like making me do something cool.

    The story feels like it rushes you through to the very disappointing climax and, as many people have pointed out, there is nothing to keep you playing after that.

    I also hated the way that each shop only sold say, 4 items, just so it could stick with the ludicrous "no lists" interface! That’s not cool, plus it had so many moments of chugging glitching that it ruined the experience for me.

    I've been a fan of Mr molyneux's games since the days of Bullfrog but man, this was such a disappointment.

  • Ruburface

    So… The arguments for Fable III amount to “You’re stupid for not liking it”…

    It’s kinda sad that’s best argument people can come up with.

  • Jordan

    i think that the story line was too short, it was an alright game, the ending was frustrating because i wasn't sure how long i had until the year was over, so i ended up ending the game the way i didn't want it too, which why it was frustrating because i just wanted to start again, but couldn't be bothered doing all the work again. Also most people thing this is a great let down mainly because it is compared to the first two, it's a good game, but the first two just shut it down.

  • Alaine

    It's only a short game if you're stupid and do the main story line all the way through. I have 22 hours of play on that game and I still have a few royal judging things to do before the end, and all the quests thereafter.

    As for the glitches, they're annoying, but it's no New Vegas, and I know patches will come out eventually. Hopefully the first being for fixing Jasper.

    • Doug5420

      To me, 22 hours in an RPG is a joke. I put hundreds into Oblivion.

    • Doug5420

      To me, 22 hours in an RPG is a joke. I put hundreds into Oblivion.

  • Jonathan

    I am on the seacond play through but for some reason the save file keeps reverting back to the first character even though i made shure to save the new game. Glitchy. also when doing the emotes with the vilagers it progresses in a line instead of just randomly doing them like in fable 2. kindof got annoyed with the dance and fart emotes by the end of the game as i was seeing those every time i did interaction.

  • Brandon

    I loved the game, but like everyone else said. It was WAY too short! I was waiting so long for it to come out and I beat it in a weekend! Because Theresa only allows you one last trip to the Road to Rule after you beat the Shadows, there is really nothing to do after you beat the main game. This is unlike Fable II where there is PLENTY to do. I really hope Lionhead elongates Fable IV

  • valerie

    I think the story line would have been better if heros brother formed a army and went against hero instead of the darkness. i was pretty surprised that the game was so short in the main quests. i still think the other Fables were 100 times better. please bring out a better and longer Fable 4

  • jake

    the credits seemed like they took longer to view than the whole game itself. Pretty big let down. Game felt too short; never really got into the story too much. I personally just felt as though i was being rushed through the whole game.

    • jordan

      you can press a to skip them..

  • kinectedgamer

    I think it's a great game and everything, but does not have much replay value.

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  • Jolia

    I feel sorry for those whose aim is not to "play" the game, but to rush through all to get to the "end" as quickly as possible in order to boast of how little time it took to get to the end of the story. PLAY the game. It is a great game.

    • I played it throughly. I got all the keys, chests, gnomes, and books. Even with that it really didn't take long to beat. The whole expression system has been reduced, and has a more forced feeling. I can't just run up and do whatever I want, I have to pick from the three options they give. They did expand some on the interior designing of the house, which is fun for ten seconds. They whole, how you use it, weapon advancement seems broken. I chose the good path and still had 7 mil left over in my personal funds by the time i hit the main boss. The main boss…. Is anything but epic. The story, although nice, is extremely short. My guess is that I just payed for a skeleton, and all the muscles, organs, and skin of the game I will also have to pay for. Thus is the curse of DLC. Notice I concentrated on the game… now is time for the actual problems. Glitches. I like seeing that I must run straight into a wall for my quest as told by my trusted fairy dust trail, or that my dog sometimes tells me there is a treasure that does not exist. Although the game has some slight problems with its inner workings, and may be lacking on length and depth… it's still fun for a while. My rating… 8.5. I preordered the collectors edition too.

    • Doug5420

      I didn’t even realize I had completed the main story until the credits ran. I search every open-world nook and cranny in RPG’s and this plain sucked. Wayyy too short.

  • Lewis

    I agree with everyone who believes that this game was FAR too short. I completed the storyline without a single scar, and in one day. As far as I'm concerned, a fame that short and easy is inexcusable.

  • lauren

    very pissed off got the game looked at the disk it looked flawed like a water mark but played it anyways worked fined then started locking up glitching all over gold trail leading me into walls jasper stopped talking. took it back for another one that one did the same played thru to quickly played all the quest saved all my people very boring at times dumb down big time i was so waiting for this game and its f uped and i beat it all in 1 day of full playing it took me weeks to months to beat 2 cause it took its time took the game back not waisting money on on sh*t they shouldnt have released yet

    • Chris

      i completed fable 2 in 2days(:
      fable 3 i love it but the glitches r pissing me off i have 2 start a mission all over because of a stupid glitch and page(is that her name?) sucks at fighting

  • Ricky

    The game is no way as bad as some of you are making out. I feel that game was rushed more than the second due to the minor glitches, voice syncing and the way the game plays at certain areas in the game such as communicating to town people. But the game is still fantastic and I can see it getting a patch very soon which will make it a even better game. On fable 3 I am currently playing a female, which I find to be more glitchy than the male due to voice syncing. I am glad to see that all main characters have fabulous voice actors and your character finally has a decent voice of their own. I can also can see alot of DLC for this fable due to the story being short. Overall I was happy with a good single player game for the xbox and well worth the price of the game. Do not be put of by people saying it is rubbish, If you love fable this is a definite for the collection.

    • Noah

      I don't get how getting DLC makes up for the lack of gameplay. I still have to pay for the DLC and if I don't buy the DLC I have to listen to John Cleese tell me how there's new stuff to be bought every time I pause the game.

  • Miah

    this is another victim of trying to be too inclusive to a wider audience. There are fewer types of enemies, clothes, potions, food, weapons. And the weapon morphing doesn't work any where near like they were advertising it, it's got more to do with random chance as you open the stupid upgrade chests than, "how you use the weapon/play the game." You'll beat this game in a day, probably without ever dying, and then there really isn't much to do in the wold after the fact. So wait till the price goes down, just not worth the $. And certainly wasn't worth the pre-order.

  • Jessica

    Very disappointed, was waiting for the story line to have some wist in it like the second fable. Beat it in 9 hours and killed off most people so there was no point in continuing. I LOVED the first two and was very excited for this. Barely any outfits or weapons or modifications. I thought it was purely a waste of money.

  • Jess

    Massive disappointment 🙁 🙁 🙁 I bought all this property to have the income for the final attack and waited days for the cash to build up, and all for about 10 minutes of gameplay. I love fable, I love the design and the storyline was good, it was just way too short 🙁

  • chris

    fable 3 is a massive let down. you cant speak to anyone properly. glitches are out of control. and the story line is way too short. waiting a year for the fight. more like 3 fucking days. lost over 4 million people. including everyone who works in the shops. had to start again. this game has clearly been rushed!

    • Ice

      If you payed attention the days only went down when you finished the Daily schedule given by the guy in the treasury. Although it is short i think its also a lot to do with how small the world is.

  • joe

    I think its a solid addition to the series, its kept evrything that made the previous fables and made some solid improvements, only complaint i do have is that they dumbed down the rpg elements which is what this game is, im sick of games getting stupidly easy so little kids can play them, little kids dont have any money so stop designing games around them

    • Jessica

      lol, i highly agree with the dumbed down rpg factors, but i do also agree that the game is horribly glitchy. when returning to brightwall after collecting enough seals, i went to meet samael with the surrounding townsfolk, and samael wasn't there. the game proceeded to not let me exit the mission, and now i must start over. quite frustrating. still love the game though. 🙂

  • Jay

    very glitchy and a letdown

  • nick

    i think it is awesome, i have had no glitches as of yet, perhaps lionsgate will bring out a patch update to sort this issue! 5* from me 🙂

    • neil

      Lionhead, not Lionsgate. Lionsgate makes movies. 🙂

      • Nerd

        Lol …True…LMAO

  • liam

    to short, it was glitchy, (found my self "danceing" with a women and couldent move) and also found my self inside the spinning wheel of reevers place. also the "year till attack" isnt a year and i found my self looseing half the towns people by not knowing how long i had. the game isnt engerniied well at all. to rushed i would of rather waited like 3 years like we had to with fable 2 then have this shuddy game thorwn at us..

    • mgwaters88

      dude, how stupid are you? you don't know grade school english, but people are supposed to respect what you think about anything? wow.

      • B-Dizzle

        I agree with the sentiment though, it feels clunky… I loved Fable 2, in fact, I still play 2… Fable 3 just builds up to nothing. I don't feel like a part of the world like in Fable 2. After the main story, theres nothing left to interact with. I picked Fable 2 back up and started playing it again lol

  • Winston

    I thought the main story was too short

  • david carpenter

    The game is brilliant i have played all 3 fables and all are amazing