CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab: Not Stuart Hughes

By Peter Chubb - Oct 30, 2010

Whenever we see a device like the iPad or iPhone in gold or covered in diamonds or crystals, we automatically think that it was Stuart Hughes who designed them. So we were surprised when we learned of the CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab.

This Android tablet comes packed with 5,700 Swarosvski bright crystals, making it the most “exclusive” tablet device running Google’s mobile OS to date. We do not expect it to be long before Hughes comes up with a gold version that is encrusted with diamonds.

When looking at the back of this custom tab, you will see that the Galaxy Tab logo has been customized – not certain what to think of it. When Stuart Hughes designs his they do not seem over the top, this one looks a bit too much for me.

The CrystalRoc Galaxy Tab will be available to purchase from Harrods in London on November 1, 2010. Luxury Launches were unable to offer up any pricing details, neither was the CrystalRoc website.

Would you consider this version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or wait to see what Stuart Hughes has to offer?

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  • patrick

    get your head out of stuart huges ass