COD Black Ops Zombies – New Video shows 3 Maps on Disc?

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2010

We have some more information on zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops for you now, as a brand new gameplay video has leaked onto the internet. It is good news, as the video hints that there might be three playable zombie maps on the disc.

Just like the previous blurry zombie gameplay video which we’re sure Activision has removed by now, this latest one shows off some gameplay from the ‘Kino Der Toten’ zombie map. The gameplay is nothing special, but it is at the very start of the clip that you need to pay attention to.

Just before the loading screen appears, you’ll see that there are three options available on the zombie map select screen. The first is obviously Kino Der Toten, but the other two have been ‘blacked out’ so you can’t see anything. This could mean a variety of things.

Either the blacked out text is reserved for two extra maps in forthcoming DLC, or these two maps are already available on the disc and you’ll gain access to them once you have completed Kino Der Toten. Hopefully it is the latter, as that would be very exciting if gamers had something to work towards.

The blacked out parts obviously mean something, so hopefully we’ll be able to clear up this mystery for you soon. Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts on this. If the YouTube video goes down, you can download it from Mediafire here.

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  • adrian


  • fernando

    on the first map y does it say something about a metiroite when u press x on a glass circle

    is it important for furture in the game??????????????????????????????

  • kyle asquith

    how do u get the other zombie map coz there r like 7 zombie maps i have 3

  • leo

    how do i upgrade weapns? sry im new at this

  • Budge

    I have all the maps and I haven't completed any of the maps

    • VAmpy

      Is it possible to complete any of the maps or is it neverending?

  • clifford

    How I can find Those map? I need look at Map to see where is weapons/box/enegry/power/autogun machine?

  • Sup


  • sk_enterprise

    the 3 maps are,
    1.kino der toten
    2. the pentagon,
    you have to complete the game on at least regular difficulty to unlock this,
    3. Dead op arcade, this one
    when your in the main menu of the game, continously press the left and right trigger to stand up, walk to the computer behind you and enter rusalka press enter,
    cd press enter
    and then doa and press enter it'll get you the game,
    im not too sure on the spelling of the rusalka but it should be around that type of spelling hope you guys get it!

    • John Goeden

      Spelling is correct

  • Dom the don

    My mate preordered from game uk and it came 2day and the map is in a cinema (sorry if u already knew couldn’t open vid on iPhone) and there are perks and u play as 4 previous characters, where as I have seen other bids on YouTube where u play as 4 presidents in pentagon, and when the trailer started it said campaign had finished, he got some Microsoft xp points and the trailer started, check it out on YouTube just type in black ops pentagon zombie and may come up.

    So my hypothesis is that it comes with 3 maps in disc but need 2 be unlocked by completing campaign and full prestige on multiplayer.

    And one last thing, wayched a trailer on gamespot and there’s an easter egg on an online map called nuke town, shoot all dummys heads off and u unlock something, could be connected 2 zombies, who knows.

    Hopefully I answered a few FAQ’s and Yh hope u enjoy the game as much as I will!




  • timmaay

    i have black ops and confirm chris dillingrs post… the third is actually Dead ops Arcade which is a top-view zombie killing game preetty fun…

  • can anyone tell me what maps it showed and a description of what was on the video… i didnt get to watch it in time before activision took it off

  • BlackOps

    Theres 3 maps that will be released with black ops. Then in January there will be a map pack for both online gameplay and zombie co-op gameplay.
    -Reliable Source

  • Yea theres 3 maps on the disc
    -you start with one
    – another one you get after campaign
    – another one you get by entering cheat code into computer (in-game, main menu, stand up and go to computer by the wall) (look it up when game comes out)

  • jeremy

    The round number was there it was under the fist, I guess the fist is that guys logo or something

  • him

    it didnt say the round number because he was holding the camra to close and cool comic!

  • him

    it looks cool when there is more teleports and ramdom boxs?

  • Gknova

    Kino Der Toten means Cinema of the dead in german.

    • Isaid

      Theater of the damned acctually

  • GK N0V4 6

    it did'nt say a round number on it because you have to SURVIVE for a certain amount of time and then you can progress further into the map , the 3 maps all fit together you have to unlock them by completing of surviving the map , this is real footage and will be the on the final disc , just wait for confirmation 🙂

    • tsheehan

      no dude, there are rounds in all of them and they are in no way linked.
      same ol zombies, just harder.

    • covington

      How do I turn the power on. I just got this Game, This fun but I die quick!!!

  • nekrutman

    Wow, that’s interesting

    BTW, did anyone ere richtofen speaking during the loading screen about time travel?

    ….because that’d be cool


    why didnt it say the round on it?

    • Dark Link

      The round counter is at the very bottom left-hand corner w/ slash marks to indicate which round it is

  • BOrson

    I know for sure there are three maps because my friend got an early copy.

    • John Goeden

      Do you know how to access these as they say they are classified?

  • Chris

    OMG!! one would do but three maps made the game 3x better!

  • brendan

    no power lols how predictable………….may i point even though the sound between the rounds is still there but no round counter in the bottom left hand ?????? possible that its not round based??? but time survived???

    • Ded

      There were power-ups and yes there are round numerals it's just the camera was in a amateur position. Take those things into account before you spit.

  • Lloydie11

    If you look at the M14 (on wall) when he is low on ammo and he could buy it, it says upgrade ammo [4500]

    • lefty5794

      it was on der riese, it means that is how much ammo will cost when you have an upgraded version of the gun

    • covington

      how do I cut the power on. I just got this game, it is fun but I die quick!!!!!

    • thezombKILLER

      it says upgraded ammo not upgrade ammo

    • Dark Link

      U can only buy upgraded ammo if u turn on the power I figured it out the hard way.