Sony PSP2 Specs Update: More Powerful than Xbox 360?

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2010

After informing you about details for the rumored Playstation Phone, focus now switches back to the PSP 2, as fresh rumors have surfaced about it’s potential power, with one source claiming that it has more processing power than the Xbox 360.

According to this report from VG247, the Sony PSP 2 is meant to be hitting sometime during Fall 2011 and will apparently be rocking 1GB of RAM – the Xbox 360 only comes with 512MB. That also makes the current 64MB of RAM seen in the PSPgo and PSP 3000 look rather silly.

Furthermore, VG247 also reports that the PSP2: will not have a facility for UMD discs (yes!), will come with dual analogue sticks, mouse trackpad on the back, HD display screen and support memory sticks like current models.

Well it is safe to say that the PSP2 will come with greater processing power than the current PSP models, but if it comes with 1GB of RAM – then it is seriously going to be able to churn out some awesome games.

These are just rumors don’t forget, but let us know your thoughts on them.

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