Sony PSP2 Specs Update: More Powerful than Xbox 360?

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2010

After informing you about details for the rumored Playstation Phone, focus now switches back to the PSP 2, as fresh rumors have surfaced about it’s potential power, with one source claiming that it has more processing power than the Xbox 360.

According to this report from VG247, the Sony PSP 2 is meant to be hitting sometime during Fall 2011 and will apparently be rocking 1GB of RAM – the Xbox 360 only comes with 512MB. That also makes the current 64MB of RAM seen in the PSPgo and PSP 3000 look rather silly.

Furthermore, VG247 also reports that the PSP2: will not have a facility for UMD discs (yes!), will come with dual analogue sticks, mouse trackpad on the back, HD display screen and support memory sticks like current models.

Well it is safe to say that the PSP2 will come with greater processing power than the current PSP models, but if it comes with 1GB of RAM – then it is seriously going to be able to churn out some awesome games.

These are just rumors don’t forget, but let us know your thoughts on them.

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  • It will be a tough one.PSP2 looks/sounds very impressive but I didn’t like PSP1 very much or more to the point crap range of airwar games.I love Mario Kart and then there’s PlaybooK.

  • coconut

    I feel Like the "touch pad" rumored is just a gimmick that Sony came up with to solve an imaginary problem….I feel like they will only use it because they can't quite get there touch screen to work flawlessly like apples touch enabled devices. I would much prefer to touch right on the screen than use some sort of mouse interface which would not work very well. And if they have 2 separate screens then why would I buy a psp2 when the new Nintendo 3ds has 3d gaming. Just sayin…

  • BigTA

    Rumors also suggest that it'll have a cut down version of the CEL processor from the PS3 (3 SPEs). Seeing as though developers have now got to grips with programming for the CEL for PS3, I'd expect some pretty outstanding games for the PSP2 when it's released.
    They've said their not going for 3d but intend to concentrate on "intense" gamers, which is good news. Developers with the dev kit have commented on the power and with companies like NaughtyDog already on board, I'd expect a few decent games on launch. Could you imagine Uncharted on PSP2? It's going to be awesome.

  • ddd1

    Anyway playing games on a protable device such as PSP is really annoying.Its just pain in the ass.If you have one you know what im talking about…

  • james braselton

    hi there web sites saying psp 2 will cost $350 way higher thrn nintendo 3DS nintendo 3DS pays game coins soo it realy prints money hope sony will come up with pay there gamers fir haveing there psp2 with them

  • Player1

    Mario, thumbs up! 🙂 … by the way, Nintendo is the oldest gaming company: "Nintendo is founded to make Hanafuda playing cards in 1889" 😉

    Before commenting the article, you guys should be familiar that both CPU and RAM are important, especially if you want to run some (todays standards) kick ass games. You can have Quad Core CPU, but you'll have serious problems running many ram-sucking games, if you have 512MB of it.
    Speaking of PS3 vs 360, I'd go for Sony, since Xbox is Microsoft, and that is already putting some sour smile when hearing that name. But, affording a Windows PC is cheaper than Mac, that's why Microsoft products are so much consumed. When PC is the case, any error, bug, or hardware malfunction can be solved/replaced by so many parts from different brands, which can even save you money, because parts can be found in regular PC stores. If you get your 360 broken (I've seen some issue that many brand new came already with malfunction), you have to call their service, or write some sad email, and blah blah blah 😛 … Of course, same goes for PS3, but at least you know it's not Microsoft and if you have Windows PC, at least your gaming system would be something different, and probably more reliable. Personally, I'd go for some kick ass PC, because today, they mostly make games for all 3 platforms, so, playing CoD (for example) on 360, while having a good PC is totally absurd. Not to mention that FPS games were always best played with keyboard+mouse. I've seen a lot of PSX and PS2 with many types of malfunctions, but all of that was usually caused by wrong handling with it. Now, don't get me wrong, I like consoles too, I grew up with those and my first console was NES 🙂 …

    Now … (finally), about PSP2. If those rumors are true, it sure will be some cool handheld device. Nice to hear they'll put the touch screen, but I hope they'll keep the regular buttons, add another analog stick of course, and a bit more solid and shock resistant case. I think they would find a way to put all those parts in a small enough case, since technology advances every day… Things are smaller and smaller, but more powerful… Just take a look at those "Walkman" devices that Sony made for years. They used to be "portable cassette players", and look at them now… So small that they're only on your ears. 🙂

  • Its a me, Mario

    LONG LIVE NINTENDO! THe Original gaming machine. How long does Playstation have since its been created? not even 10 years! what about Nintendo … mmmmm about 27 years! and thats not counting Nintendo's Arcade era! Its no wonder Nintendo sells their merchandise like Hotcakes!

  • teteamoy

    who is better 360 or PS3?

    • Mantas

      Nether of them is a 'who'.

      • Hooty

        PS3 for the win.

  • nick

    you guys are idiots for one one person said xbox has 700mhz gpu for one your an idiod it has a 500mhz just like the ps3 but with the ps3 blue ray support the files font need to be compressed to fit on the disk which in turn significantly reduces the work load of the gpu and with the ps3 the ram and the cell processer do some of the work for the gpu aswhell and the ps3 does double the calculations per second than the 360! the 360 does 1 teraflops and the ps3 does 2 teraflops i also happen to have both of these consoles. and to do with this post if this is true i would definatly buy the psp2 a prefer sony to microsoft microsoft are a bunch of money grabbing dick heads who find a way to charge money for everything including online they also have terrible customer service

  • JoKeR

    Ok. Justg wanna throw this out there. It is possible seeing as how all the gameing technology that the us aquires is outdated from japan. Japan is at the forthfront of developing life like androids. So for them to make a power portable gaming system is not inconceivable. That said, the author is just posting on rumors, which in all likelyhood should not be taken serious. Remember its just rumors.

  • Darquan

    Haha you people make me laugh, could it be possible that the author full well knows that more ram does not automatically make a handheld device more powerful then a 360 but writting that as your headline… Well let’s just call it bait. if you guy were fish you wouldn’t survive very long haha.

  • Jaime

    Xbox 360 – 512 MB,

    700 MHz, GDDR3,

    shared by CPU and


    • CPU accesses

    memory through the


    • GPU has 10 MB

    RAM embedded

    256 MB 3.2 GHz XDR

    main RAM for the


    • 256 MB 700 MHz

    GDDR3 video RAM

    there are some aspects where each gpu excells but i have both systems and to be honest my ps3 is flawless whereas my 360 will sometimes just freeze motion for a second…

  • Unforgiven

    360 is not more powerful that ps3… ps3 was never fully utilised due to it's hardware config in it's early lifecycle, once [as has been happening with newer releases] ps3 games have utilised the harware to it's full potential – the 360 has been getting pwnd performance wise.
    And don't bother saying I'm ps3 fanboi – I only own a 360.

    • bob

      haha nice. im kinda late on the discussion but that is a well thought out post. good job, i like my ps3 better

    • Aztec Warrior

      hei idiot, do some research, the 360 has a more powerful gpu than the shit station 3. you really are very stupid little sony fan girl.

      • KGgames

        hey dumb*** the ps3 has a more powerful cpu which more than makes up for the slack in gpu power on ps3. ps3 is an overall more powerful system. WHY DONT YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH ****box 360 fan whore

      • Andres

        @Aztec warrior, lol idiot, the GPU on the ps3 is ok, but the cpu in the ps3 rapes everything the fabox 360 has ;).

  • CPM

    Whats the processor, that's just as important, if not more so, than the ram. Any computer/electronic device is is limited by its slowest performing part. A Pentium 2 with 32gb of ram will still only be as fast as the Pentium 2 can process the info.

    Also it better have 2 thumb sticks this time for fps.

  • marhorn

    So the psp2 will be more powerful than a ps3? because the Xbox 360 has proven to be more powerful!

    • Arrol

      lolz no it's not ^.^ atleast not in that aspect

    • KGgames

      the xbox 360 is not more powerful than the ps3 moron

    • mark trotman

      i have both xbox 360 and ps3.. ps3 is a hell of alot better. there both good in there own ways.. xbox better games xbox live is better but ps3 you dont pay for online and blu ray.. more powerfull machine and alot of people would agree with me..its just you xbox lovers are pissy

  • Alan Ng

    No, the author made a simple mistake and corrected the article, the information is through the source if you're interested in the claims. Don't get emotional about it.

  • klinktresspasser

    hey give the guy a break thers no 512gb in the art. OPEN UR EYES . am writing w my phone too damn

    • it was obviously GB in the article and has been changed since the other people commented, I highly doubt two people magically saw GB instead of MB.

      The author is obviously a douche in that the RAM does not mean much when compared to the CPU in the xbox which dwarves and portable device that will come out in the next few years. NOOB.

  • Tuxino

    To noob tech writer. Memory does not equate to power. A CPU is a measure of a system's power. The Xbox 360 has three 3.2Ghz cores. There is no way the PSP2 is going to have that kind of power as it's a handheld device. It would have extreme difficulty cooling a cpu like that given it's size. The 360 does not have 512GB's of ram it has 512MB's.

    Wise up…

    • some guy

      calm down. the way technology advancing these days who knows how great the psp2 will turn out and it still has a while to come out. He did say 512MB's of ram, read more carefully. He's just trying to inform people don't give him shit for that.

      • Andres

        But a she says theres no WAY of cooling it damn, its not the technology that goes better each day but that 3.2 ghz cant be cooled on a handheld device, just check the 360, its big and it stills overheat, how even if the psp2 has a very small version of that processor not overheat?

    • anomynous

      Most Xbox 360 games don't even use 3 cores

  • low

    i know you couldn't wait to jump on that you rabid fanboy but they said the same thing about the 3ds we'll have to wait and see.

  • john doe

    I think you mean 512mb for the xbox, not 512gb….and please clarify if you mean overall ram or ram dedicated to graphics. This article needs more technical specs for both systems rather than blanket statements…

    • Arrol

      He did say 512mb

  • aka idiot boy

    be a mini ps3