Honda Release Pictures Of 2011 CBR250R

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2010

With Kawasaki bringing us a Ninja 250R for 2011, another manufacturer has stepped up to challenge for the miniature 250 sports-bike range. Honda has released pictures of it’s latest creation, the CBR250R and very stylish it looks to.

Being more of a tiptoe up from its CBR125R than a jump to the CBR600RR, the 250R still cuts a very impressive figure. Decked out in an HRC style paint scheme, this little single cylinder sports bike shares design elements from Honda’s VFR1200F.

With weight levelling out at 162kg fully loaded with fuel and other liquids, it’s 26bhp four-stroke, four-valve single, should compete well against Kawasaki. Even with the Ninja pushing 32.2bhp, the 169kg weight should even things out.

Power isn’t the most important factor to consider when purchasing one of these flickable 250’s, Honda are also claiming an impressive 75mpg from its 13-litre tank, that equates to over 215 miles.

Honda’s CBR250R wraps its engine in a steel frame with right-way-up non-adjustable forks and Pro-Link rear shock. Single disc with three pot Nissin caliper takes control of the braking duties. With prices yet to be announced MCN believe that a list of around £4099 is likely to run in line with Kawasaki’s offspring. Hit the link below to see pictures of Honda’s CBR250R.

Source: MCN

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  • mike

    the honda will be the best bike for the money…hands down. neither of the others have liquid cooling AND fuel injection. not to mention the hyosung is like 40lbs heavier and not much is known about its reliability. honda will give kawi a run for their (well our) money with addition. looks nice.

  • Why didn’t you compared the HONDA , KAWI and HYOSUNG GT250r…. ??

    The HYOSUNG GT250r is an all around better bike for the money!!!


  • ram

    the news about launching of cbr250r in India in April 2011 is very surprising i am waiting for it..