Facebook Friendship Pages: Will You Use It?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 29, 2010

A new service has been launched today on Facebook called ‘Friendship Pages’. This new feature has been designed to make it easier for friends to share those special moments between each other – so all those embarrassing times you had with each other can be remembered time and again.

The Friendship Page has all the public Wall posts and comments shared between best friends, along with tagged photos as well. The moment that you decide to select each other for Friendship Page partnership, then you will be able to view their complete history on each others communal page.

Facebook believes that this latest feature makes it much easier for friends to relieve old times from a centralized location. However you need to make certain that you give permission to view the profile.

We are certain that this latest feature will have mixed reactions, do you think that Facebook will become the place to go when you are feeling nostalgic and want to share those special moments with friends?

More details on this can be found on the Facebook Blog.

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  • cjemo

    I want and 'opt out' for friendship pages! Stalkers heaven!!! Bad Bad idea!!!