Extended EV Range With Under-Road Charging

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 29, 2010

As auto manufacturers strive to bring us electric powered vehicles, the technology involved is evolving quickly to make them more suitable for everyday use. One of the main concerns about running an EV is it’s limitations for distance between charges, and the need to find charging stations.

This failing has now been addressed with the launch of a wireless charging system called IPT shown off in London. IPT or to give it it’s full title, Induction Power Transfer is owned by HaloIPT in part ownership with ARUP. It has been designed to charge EV vehicles via an on-board receiver pad.

It picks up on charging sections beneath the roads surface, and can be configured to supply all electric vehicles. The system is able to charge the cells whilst the vehicle is either parked or on the move. Plans are that IPT could be installed into motorways such as the M25 therefore extending EV ranges across the country.

The system has been tested to accommodate all road conditions and any interference between pad sections on the road and the receiver. This will include any misalignment by the driver or any obstruction beneath the car. With this sort of technology being introduced will the option of an electric vehicle have greater appeal when choosing your next car? Let us know what you think and head over to Autocar for a full report.

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