White iPhone 4: Verizon or iPhone 5 affected by Delay?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2010

Earlier on we informed you about the news that Apple had once again delayed the release of the white iPhone 4, without giving a solid reason why. Considering the white iPhone 4 delay has now spanned over 5 months, you have to wonder if there is a bigger problem at hand.

It does seem slightly odd that Apple has delayed one of their hardware devices by almost half a year solely due to the fact that they couldn’t get the right shade of white on their cases as widely reported.

This BGR article which reports that the device has been cancelled altogether also hints that there could be a bigger problem at hand for Apple. When was the last time you could recall an Apple device being delayed for so long? – It’s almost unheard of.

With the delay taking so long, many consumers have switched their focus towards the upcoming iPhone 5 and a iPhone compatible for Verizon‘s network. Will this manufacturing delay affect both announcements? If you had hoped to see a white version of either device, it is safe to say that it won’t be happening now.

We just hope that there isn’t a bigger problem at hand which will delay the big announcements itself. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the delay is due to a bigger problem at Apple HQ, than just matching up a simple ‘white’ coloring?

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  • nick

    i feel like they are saving the white phone for the release of the verizon iphone. not that it would attract anymore people than the prospect already has but it could be a good marketing trick.