White iPhone 4: Explanation For Delay – Complete Redesign

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

The news that the White iPhone 4 has now been delayed until spring 2011 has angered many people, as Steve Jobs told them that they only had to wait until the end of the year. There are now fears that the white model could be canceled altogether – but for what reason?

There have been a number of explanations as to why there is a delay in the first place, one of them being unable to match the white with the buttons and case. The latest excuses is said to be something to do with the white glass affecting the quality of photos taken.

According to Cult of Mac, it seems that the nice white case has been allowing too much light in when taking a photo; the result will be photos looking a bit washed out. Not being able to take decent photos goes against all the hard work that Apple did with the new camera.

If this is in fact the case, then Apple could be looking at a totally new redesign of the iPhone 4 – something that I cannot see happening. By now Apple will already be working on the iPhone 5, they would never change the design of their smartphone mid-cycle.

What will Apple do now, redesign the iPhone 4 for the white version, or just cancel it?

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