White iPhone 4 Delay: Should Apple Kill It?

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2010

For those of you who have been on vacation and have only just started reading up on all the news, then you would know by now that Apple looks as though they have delayed the White iPhone 4 yet again. We had assumed that the device would be released before Christmas 2010, but looks as though we will now have to wait until spring 2011. Questions certainly need answering, such as “Should Apple Kill It”?

The two most recent excuses for the delay were not being able to match the White with other parts of the handset – maybe they need to have a chat with ColorWare – and an issue with the camera unable to take decent photos with the white glass.

Don Reisinger from eWeek has been taking a closer look at this and has ten reasons why Apple should now kill the white version of their fourth-generation smartphone. The first reason is direct and to the point, saying that “It isn’t necessary”, but I am not certain that those who have been waiting will agree?

The third reason is something that we touched on in a recent post, saying that you should just wait for the iPhone 5, as by the time you get your hands on the white version, the new model will be just a few months away.

Another reason – and a good one – is that Apple should concentrate more on a deal with Verizon. Now I agree with that, we know that Apple could shift a huge number of white models, but there have been suggestion that 8 million Big Red iPhone ‘s could be sold.

Maybe Apple should call it a day and finally admit to us that they have made a mistake and shelve the White iPhone 4?

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  • candyer08

    Apple company may have dismissed the product completely.I think this is only humor not a true…I think Apple modify that product and relaunched again.
    PS: I have some other good APPS from Aneesoft want to recommend. Maybe someone will like it.